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Anything  related to A-V, ciné or video.  Send details to webmaster@theiac.org.uk.  Include an email contact if possible.  IAC offers no guarantees about these.

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If anyone is interested in the following,
a Sony GDV1000E mini DV tape player, a Canon XA20, some microphones and a Manfrotto 109 tripod
please contact me at
(Posted November 2019)

SPECTO 9.5mm silent film projector in good condition for sale plus a large collection of silent Pathescope 9.5mm films. If interested in any of these then please send for a list giving full details. I also have a collection of film posters and film related books included the rare book ABC THE FIRST NAME IN ENTERTAINMENT. Will send details of these if required. I also have a vintage silent 16mm PAILLARD BOLEX projector with a few bits missing so would make an ideal display item.
John tel 01202 240113. (Based in Bournemouth.)
(Posted November 2019)


If you are looking for anything specific, just send your notes to the webmaster.

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