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Registering for the forums

Anyone may read the forums, but to write on them you must first write to asstweb@theiac.org.uk to be registered. We use this method to deter spammers and apologise for any inconvenience. Registration is usually done in a few hours.
- Dave Watterson, Assistant Webmaster.

Using the forums

When you go to the forums the page starts like this:
Pre-login appearance of forum pages.
You can visit and read messages, but to write some you must click the Login link on the right. That presents:

 Login panel.
Type in the name and password issued when you emailed the Assistant Webmaster asking to join.
We recommend ticking the Remember me box when you are using your own computer. It saves you having to type in the details on your next visit. On a shared or public computer do not tick that box or someone else might write on the forum as if they were you.
Hide my online status this session - can be ticked if you do not want anyone else to know you are on the forum.
Finally click Login. You return to the opening display but with your name at the right.

Top lines of the forum front page.
Search at top right lets you type in one or more words, click the magnifying-glass and the system displays a list of the posts (messages) which include the word/s.
Click the "gear wheel" for a page where you can set the search system to present results in different ways.

Quick Links (3 horizontal lines) - click this to see a short menu of choices about that to see. The most useful one after your first visit may be New Posts which presents any posts (messages) that have appeared since your last visit.

FAQ (? in a speech bubble) - leads to a page of links which try to answer "frequently asked questions" ... but these are mostly too technical to be of interest!

ACP and MCP - do not appear for most readers. They allow specially registered people to sign in to the "Administrators Control Panel" and the "Moderators Control Panel".

Notifications - you may see the number beside it change from [0] if there is a special message for you from the Administrators. Click on it to see the message.

Private Messages - you may see the number beside it change from [0] if there is a private message for you from another forum member. You can click on this to read the message. You can also click on it at any time to get to the "private message" page where you can send a message to someone else. Such messages are not visible to anyone but the sender and recipient/s.

Name - this will show your name. Clicking the little triangle beside it gives you a short menu. User Control Panel lets you see and change details of how you use the forum. Profile is where you can change your profile (description). Logout closes your session and you will have to sign in with your username and password next visit.

After that ... explore!

Share your passions.

Audience silhouette.

Share your stories.

Page updated on 22 June 2015
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