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            Fish. ANIMATION
Stuart Taylor describes inspiring ways to make animations with children.

Albert Noble on his approach to animation.

            Drop of water. ART OF CINEMA
Derek Wilson writes about magic moments from cinema.

            Couple with new camera. BEGINNERS
Arthur Bullock on making travel and family movies.

            camera. GENERAL
Ken Wilson offers advice on various aspects of filmmaking.

The Guardian guide to making video.

            Linda Gough on a surfboard. HOLIDAY MOVIES
Michael Gough on making his prize-winning film about Hawaii.

Michael Gough discusses various styles of holiday movie.

            Lens. IMAGES

Michael Gough on changing images using filters in Adobe Premier.

            Signature. SCRIPTS
Paul Chater's tips on scriptwriting.

John Sirett describes how to improve video commentaries.

            Showtime SHOWTIME

Pete Heaven on putting on a top-notch show.

            Microphone. SOUND

Michael Gough on replacing unwanted background noise.

Michael Gough on recording live music with musicians and dancers.

Michael Gough describes how he layers different pieces of music during editing.

Paul Reilly on the challenges of recording sound at a live event.

            Sue Daly about to dive. UNDERWATER

Sue Daly provides beginner's notes.

John Fletcher describes the joys and the problems.