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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.

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13:01 by Teren Brandy Large
8 Ball
by Geoff Harmer
by Foxymon
925 by Liam Treacy

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About Time
by Huey Walker
by Tim Stannard
Abyss (Propast)
by David Brezina & Pavel Kopp
Acid Rain by John Roberts
Action Hero by Lauren Bellamy
Adoration by Ian Woodward
Adventures in the Shopping Mall
by Ismo Kiesiläinen
Akin by Robin Harvey
Alarm Call by Ken & Jean McRonald
Allegiance by Xander Brown
Absurd Game, An by Gaston Roschild 
Abysm of the Soul by Samuel Faict
After the Bus Had Gone by Michael Gough
Air Ace, The
by Svilen Dimitrov
Aishteru by Philippa Edwards
Akin by Robin Harvey
Alfie by Jack Spring
Alice by Fay Hemming
Alien Holiday by Tom Ball
Allegiance by Xander Brown
Amber (with director's commentary) by Samuel Faict
Amber in Art by Aris Jansons
Angel for Hire by Katy Hoggard
Animated Portraits by Nairn Academy
Another Day by Alan Colegrave
Antique Dealer, The
by XDL Films
Are You Alone? by Karla Henderson
Around Our House by Geoff Ducker
Art of Glass by Lester Redding
Artist, The by John Howden
by Alfie Barker
At a Snail's Pace by Geof Caudwell
Athazagoraphobia by Alan Colegrave
Aubyns Reborn by John Howden
Aus der Seele (From the Soul) by Holger Löwe
Autumn Skies
by Christopher Page (Rushden Movie Makers)
Avoidance by Howard-Smith
Ayrag by Andrew Tweed
Awful Truth, The by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

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Bad Call by Peter Rouillard
Bagel of Eternal Youth, The
by Simon Woolf
Banana - version one
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Banana - version two
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Barbary Macaques
by Jill Lampert
Bargain, A
by Werner Van den Bulck
Basket - version one
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Basket - version two
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Battersea Dalmations, The
by Tim Stannard
Bear Behind, The
by Bob Lorrimer
Bedtime Story
by John Howden
Behind the Wire by Paul Bagshaw
Bengali Wedding
by Robert Groskloss
Benny Hill Goes Nowhere by Simon Edwards
Bettnässer, Der (The Bed-Wetter) by Ingo Schiller & Stephan Müller
Between by Michal Stenzel & Anna Kasperska
Beyond the Garden Gate by John Howden
Big Bad Monsters by Designasaur
Biggin Hill 2016 by John Sharp
Bilbao Roots by Herman Bonnyns & Guideo De Coninck
Blonde, The
by Phoebe Wild
Blue by Robert Lorrimer
Body Bag by Gavin C Callear
Bohemia's Woods and Fields, From
by Ian Woodward
by Jill Lampert
Boot, The
by Robert Lorrimer
Born to Fly by Brian Salmons
Borneo Jungle Soundscape by John Grey
Boss, The
by Davin Jeayes
Boy with the Eternal Truths, The
by Ismo Kiesilainen
Brandon Lewis - Ultimate Exterminator by XDL Films
Breaking Point by Lee Hanson
by Attila Ban
Breendonk by Willy Van der Linden
by Anthony Elliott
Buddies of the Alamo by Alan Hendry - Friday Film Productions
Bus Baby by Jason Hasford & Gino Evans
Bushaltstelle (Bus Stop) by Lars Henze

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Cakes and Onions by John & Ann Epton
Call Back by Bob Lorrimer
Canon Rock - Old Meets New by Jürgen Liebenstein 
Cantina, La
by The Space Between
Capability by John Howden
Captain Chuckles Circus by John Anscomb
Car Park by Borderline Productions
Cara by Howard-Smith
Carbon Footprints
by Surrey Border Film & Video Makers
Caro Albert (Dear Albert) by Marco Brunu
Cavity by Jane Tsz Yan Lo
Celeste by Laurie, Laurie Jnr & Jonathan Calvert
Census by Bob Vine
Challenging Behaviour by Liam Sanderson
Chance Meet
by Subhasish Banerji
Chasing My Tail
by Paternoster Productions
Chocolate Moon by Mike Donaghy & Alex Moran
Chronicles of Shupakface
by Gasper Antauer
Chrysalis by Robert Lorrimer
Chukotka - the Frozen Land
by Heinz-Werner Breiter
by Michael Alley
City Bike Life
by Ionut Sepi
City of Songs by Michael Gough
Clerical Error, A
by Select Video Group of Amersham
Clint by Philipp Scholz & Florian Gregor
Cloud, The by Graham Large & Tim Stannard
The Cloud Forest: a Special Place for Birds by Paula Webster
Cold Hearted by Alex Crowley
Coloured Glasses by Hyoung Suk Yoon
Command - Option - Dump by Jonathon Flint
Come Fly with Me (illustrated talk) by Michael Gough
Computer Maintenance by Brian Hibbitt
Conception by Howard-Smith
Consternation by Vaibhav Vats
Continuation by Jon M. Wilson
by Alejandro Portaz
Coot Watching by Jill Lampert
Copy A by Pablo Diaz & Gervasio Traverso
Copy That by Kingsley Hoskins
Cote d'Azur by Bryan Littlewood
Cotton Adventure
by Vito Labalestra
Courier by John Taff
Crossing Berlin
by Christophe Hubert & Philipp Sebastien Dressler
Crossover by Fabian Grodde
Ctrl-Z by The Hills Lower School Cine Club
Cube3 by Jeremy Bayne-Powell for Surrey Border Film Makers
Cumbria Past and Present by Tony Grant & Marcel De Jonghe
Cunard Flagship
by Tony & Eileen Colburn
Cut Price Avatar
by Phillip Reynolds
Cutting Corners
by Matthew Joplin

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D.E.B.T. by Elliott Wright
DMZ, The by Stephen Green
Dark Horse by Howard-Smith
Darker Shade of Red, A
by Geoff Harmer
Date, The by Christina Cotter
Dawn by Howard-Smith
Day at the Seaside, A by Chilton Primary School
Day of my Unbirth, The
by Oleg & Anton Svobodin
Day Out in Mallorca, A by Tim Stannard
by Rochdale Movie Makers
Days Away by Norman & Chris Lilley
Days Like ...
by John Sharp
Dax and the Dangerous Dinner by Oliver Smith
De Loods (The Warehouse)
by Kurt Velghe
Dead Heads
by Children from Escomb Primary School
Dear Diary by Myriam Raja
Death at the Grand by Patrick Duffy
Death of Innocents, The by Channel 7
Decision, The by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
Dentophobia by Christoph Heimer
Die Reise (The Journey) by Angela Schuster
Directing Traffic by Huey Walker
Do I Measure Up? by Exeter Films
Dog's Life, A by Alan Atkinson & Michael Ridgway
Don't Let Banks Die
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Don't Let Me in - Mia & the Moon
by Celine Ellis
Don't Turn Your Back
by William Fuller
Door, The
by Hills Lower School
Doors Opening
by Jack Spring
Dot Com by Max Gregory
Dragonfly by Laurie, Laurie Jnr & Jon Calvert
Dragonfly by Andy Holt
Drill, The by Robert Lorrimer
Duel, The
by Alan Brown
Duty Call by Peter Holdroyd, Norfolk Video Productions

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ECVS 75th Anniversary by Jim Closs
e motion fragments
by Vito Labalestra
by Bob Vine
by Sebastian Lindblad & Louise Berg
Edgar's Egg
by John Anscomb
Edwardian Priest, An
by Paul Desmond & John Howden
Egg, The by Robert Lorrimer
Electric Box, The by Karl Birrane
Electric Palace by Charlie Walton
Empty by Peter Warrington & John Williamson
Empty Experience, The by Michael Gough
Encounter by Simon Throssell
End of the Pier, The by Mike Dun & Annette Lowe
Ernest and Pip's Big Adventure by Richard Otlet
by David Enfenjyan
Escalator by Brennig Hayden & Lucy Lawson-Duckett
Essay, The
by Mathew Khawam
Eulogy for Mostyn House School
by James Chalmers
Exchange, The (trailer)
by The Partners
Exit Song (for Romeo & Juliet) by Ken Kasriel
Exodus by Borderline Shorts
Experiments with Water by Philip Fowler, Tony Bridger, Richard Smith

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Face/Book by Howard-Smith
Fair Exchange by Spring Park Film Makers
by Norman Tamkivi
Fais'sied' Cudre, La
by Annette Lowe
Fall by Angus Bentham, Bysshe Harkavy, Chloe Crolla-Maas, Hugh Nelson, Jack Clare, Jack Simmons, Joe Morris, Maggie Stanaszek, Robert Blythe, Samuel Colilduck, Sarah Carroll, Shelby Maddock, Stephanie Cowley, Georgina Howarth-Evans & Tremayne Taylor
Fallen Prosperity
by Dennis Gerecke
Family Reunion
by John Howden
Father's Day by Molly Jane Bowen
Feeling Good by Sean Hynes
Fiddler's Walk by Exeter Films
by Willem Serné
Final Touch by Dave Lojek
Finchley Cine Society - My Inspiration by Finchley Film Makers
Fires Went Out, The by Billy Ellwood
First Light by John Roberts
Fitness, Friendship and GIGS by Tim Lowe
Fixyphoney by Billy Ellwood
Flash-Back by Ben Challen
Flask Walk by Michael Slowe
Flicker by Hamish Anderson
Flog It by Susie Walker - Exeter Films
For the People by Michael Gough
Ford Escort XR3 by Laurie, Laurie Jnr & Jon Calvert
Forever Remembered by Annette Lowe
Four Rainforest Stories by Mill Lane School, Chinnor
Four Way Stop by The Space Between
Fridgemania by Emmanuel Dubois
by Julian Austwick
by Jaime Maestro
From Bohemia's Woods and Fields
by Ian Woodward
From Ore to Orchids
by Mat & Niki Adam-Stiles
Frozen Fantasy
by Noel Leeder
Full of Life
by Joren Molter
Futility of War, The
by Sam Baron & Raphael von Blumenthal

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Gambit by Chris Hetherington
Garden for Sharing, A
by Anne Massey
by Maksym Firsenko
Gentle Woman, A by Phil Martin
George Moore's Jack the Ripper by George Moore
George Moore's Red and the Wolf
by George Moore
George's Progress
by Annette Lowe
Ghost Hunters
by Geoff Harmer
Ghosts of the Great War, The by Guy Gauthier
Girl on the Train, The
by John Roberts
Giving Up on Love by Fay Hemming
Glimpse of Dhanakosa, A by Pauline M. Johnson
Golden Lady, The
by Maison des Jeunes, Basarge
Going Pro by Alex Ayre
Gone Fishin' by Joe Blandamer
Goose Sauce by Howard-Smith
Goth at the Beach by Joe Blandamer
by Pauline Johnson
Great Director, The
by Staines Cine & Video Society
Greece is the Word by Tim Stannard
by Mid Wilts Video Society
Green, Blue, Love
by Paul Moran
Guantanamo Baby
by Dieter Primig
Guardian, The
by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
Gunpower Plot, The by John Williamson & Peter Warrington

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Hamburg's Wunderland by John Astin
Handyman, The by Fay & Don Finlay, & Ross Wilesmith
by Valadimir Murtin (QUADRIGA)
Happy Cloud
by Worthing Youth Media
Hard Boiled
by Andrew Kent, Illy Kent & Sophie Guariglia
Head by Borderline Shorts
Hedgerow Tales
by Children of Buchlyvie School
Help Me To Help You
Bogoja Stojkoski-Pustorenkanski
Helping Hand by Eun Youn Jang
Here, Kitty Kitty! by Ken & Jean McRonald
Hero in Bronze by Clive Hand
Hey Kiddo
by The Space Between
History of Sinsen Roundabout, Norway, The
by Per Ogland
Hitler in Liverpool
by James Chalmers & Sue Bence
Holy Spirit, The by David Brezina
Home Truths by Chocolate Films & New Horizon Youth Club
Homeless by Neelish Films
Honest Thieves by Neil O'Neil
Hooks and Eyes by Linda and Michael Gough
How Grandma Kept Her Cool
by Phillip Reynolds
How It Feels
by Howard-Smith
How May I Help You?
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
How Time Flies
by Charles Simon
Howling with the Wolves
by Vito Labalestra
Hudson's Patagonian Parrot by Paula Webster
Human Fly, The
by Laurie Calvert
Human Waste by Mark Anthony Games
Hunter by Andrew Kent & Peter Stepney
by Dan Allen

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