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Many IAC members have collections of their films on-line with YouTube or Vimeo. Such collections can include international award winning films and family holiday films. We make no claim that these are all great movies, but all are worth a look by anyone interested in what can be done by enthusiastic film makers.
Still from 'The Biggest Street Market on the Costa del Sol'.
Roy from Durham

This still is from a movie about
the Costa del Sol
Still from '9'.
Colin Lamb

This still is from 9
Still from 'Mainline Steam'.
Peter Boulter

This still is from Mainline Steam
Still from 'Give em enough Rope'.
Tim Stannard (& Staines Club members)

This still is from Give 'em Enough Rope
Still from 'Still Life'.
Michael Slowe

This is from Still Life
Still from 'Freya and Tigo - licky love-in'.

Still: Freya & Tigo's Licky Love-in
Still from 'Bonus Feature'.
Ned Cordery

Still from Bonus Feature
Still from 'A Cold Summer'.
Geoff Harmer

Still from A Cold Summer
Still from 'OT 2 1/2'.
Fraught Productions

Still: from OT2
Still from 'Climate Matters'.
IAC Vimeo Channel

Still:Climate Matters by Steven Dempsey
Still from 'The Shooting Ground'.
John Ingham on Vimeo

Still: The Shooting Ground
Still from 'Oxwich Water Sports'.
John Ingham on YouTube

Still: Oxwich Watersports
Still from 'James Patterson'.
Souterman on Vimeo

Still:James Patterson
Still from 'Flag Casting'.
Souterman on YouTube

Still: Flag Casting
Still from 'Build a PPC'. Stephen Green
Still: Build a PC
Still from 'One Man had a Vision'.
Film Thurso

Still: One Man had a Vision
Still from 'The Welldone Team inthe local Pool'.
Tom Hardwick on Vimeo

Still: The Welldone Team in the Local Pool
Still from 'Tom 3.9.2011'
Tom Hardwick on YouTube

Still: Tom 3 9 2011
Still from 'The Breakdown'.
Billy Ellwood

Still: The Breakdown
Still from 'Remote Control'.
Mike Shaw

Still: Remote Control
Still from 'Too Many Ghosts'.
Ian Woodward

Still: Love Song: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tchaikovsky
Still from 'Pushing the Boundaries'.
Tony and Eileen Colburn

Still: Pushing the Boundaries
Still from 'Writers Block'.
Robert Lorrimer

Still: Writers Block
Still from 'The Exmouth Wheel'.
Huey Walker

Still: The Exmouth Wheel
Still from 'Isnt Nature Amazing'.
Susie Walker

Still: Isnt Nature Amazing
We are happy to list more ... drop an email with the link to your movies to asstweb@theiac.org.uk