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IAC publishes six time a year Film & Video Maker a 40 page A4 size glossy colour magazine

A selection of covers of Film & Video Maker magazine.


The magazine packs in:


product reviews

technical articles

how-to notes

reports of past events and festivals

news of all that is coming up

tales from movie makers

a lively letters page

useful adverts and occasional offers.

It covers AV, video and has occasional pieces on cine.

The magazine is only available to members of the IAC.

About the editor...

Mike Whyman is an IAC member living in Surrey. He has been a film maker for many years, starting with Standard 8. In recent years he has been involved in the running of the IAC and is currently Vice-President, having recently completed a 2-year stint as the IAC’s Chairman. He has recently taken on the editorship of Film and Video Magazine and would welcome contact from members, particularly those who have interesting film-making stories to tell. If you would like to contribute to FVM, send him messages of support, etc., his email address is editor.fvm.magazine@gmail.com.

Film and Video Maker magazine’s publication dates are 7th January, 7th March, 7th May, 7th July, 7th September and 7th November.

Copy deadlines are:

  • 25th November (for January/February issue)
  • 25th January (for March/April issue)
  • 25th March (for May/June issue)
  • 25th May (for July/August issue)
  • 25th July (for September/October issue) and
  • 25th September (for November/December issue).

Other Publications...

Most IAC regions produce regular newsletters, and some are available here on-line. Regional pages.