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Each year we run BIAFF


learn from the very best that world
amateur movie making has to offer ...

Results of earlier festivals

At the festival you can:

  • see nearly half of the entries from the Competition and all the winners.
  • see the best AV sequences from the IAC Peter Coles International AV Competition.
  • meet 200 or 300 fellow amateur film enthusiasts from around the world
  • talk to top award winners
  • enjoy a great weekend in different parts of Britain each year
  • take a long weekend break and visit nearby places of interest.

After BIAFF 2014 Jill Lampert wrote about judging for BIAFF - what happens and how it is all organised.

After BIAFF 2015, members of SERIAC who organised the event that year wrote about running the festival.

IAC regions take turns hosting BIAFF and each adds its distinctive touches. The core event starts on a Friday evening and runs through to late Sunday afternoon. On Friday and Saturday there may be four or more "mini-cinemas" running at once, each showing different fascinating programmes of top films and runners-up. On Saturday night a gala banquet offers a chance to get to know other delegates and to recognise the achievements of outstanding people in the amateur film movement with the awarding of Fellowships. On Sunday we come together in one large hall for the screening of the major award-winning films and presentation of prizes.

Most regions also organise an interesting programme of excursions and entertainments starting on the preceding Thursday afternoon and running through Friday.

Where possible the event takes place in a single building - often a large old-style hotel - so that delegates can mix and mingle between shows. Over the years the festival's name has changed. For many years it always took place in the capital and was called the London International Amateur Film Festival. Then it became Movie 1999 / 2000 and so on.

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