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The Advice on Film Forum

Where do you go for sympathetic but honest advice about your new film? Your clubmates? Your family? Friends? Competitions might give some feedback, but you know the film is not ready for that yet.

For IAC Members and members of  IAC Affiliated Clubs
we now have an answer:
The Advice on Film Forum.

You present your film in this new forum and invite others to comment. We ask them to be encouraging and as positive as possible in their remarks. It is not the place for competition style judging or for critics to let loose wildly.

This forum is strictly moderated, which means nothing appears in public without being checked.

So what do you do?

  1. Upload your film to Youtube (see here for detailed advice).

  2. Join the IAC forums (see here for detailed advice)

  3. Enter your film in the Advice on Film Forum (see below)

Screen grab from the IAC forum.

  • Create a Youtube account and upload your film to it.

  • When it has loaded click the ""Edit" button.
    This does not edit your film, just the controls for Youtube.

Screen grab of Youtube controls.
  • Scroll down and set the Youtube "Broadcasting and Sharing Options to "unlisted".

  • Copy the url (web address) shown.

    • Click anywhere in the address.

    • Hold the Ctrl key and tap A to select it all.

    • Hold the Ctrl key and tap C to copy it to memory.

Screen grab of Youtube controls.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button.

Screen grab of the Youtube controls.
  • Come to the IAC Forums, click on The Advice on Films Forum and click "New Topic".

Screen grab from IAC forums.
  • Name the topic with the title of your film. 

  • Then click the [youtube] button.

Screen grab from the IAC forums.
  • Two commands in square brackets appear in the topic.

Screen grab from IAC forum.
  • Paste the url for your film between the sets of brackets.

    • Click between the sets of brackets.

    • Hold the Ctrl key and tap V to paste the url from memory into there.

  • Type a short message underneath, explaining what you want to know.

  • Add your IAC membership number or the name of your IAC affiliated club.

Screen grab from the IAC forum.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

Your topic and film will not appear immediately. It will be checked by one of the volunteer forum moderators. It may take a few hours or even a day before your film and words appear. Hopefully not long after that your forum colleagues will start to reply to the topic with some friendly notes about your film.

Share your passions.

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Share your stories.

Page updated on 24 April 2011
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