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Producing an AV Sequence

This is the "Davies" method. It works for me.

Ron Davies


Aim Before embarking on any sequence it is necessary to have a clear idea of the purpose behind the sequence. In other words a clear "aim at the top of the light box".
What We need to know what we want to convey to the audience, whether it be a particular message or idea (either concrete or abstract); a story (fact or fiction); a dissemination of facts in documentary form; or emotions in their various forms. This constitutes the What of the sequence but even more important is the Why.
Why Every sequence which has had an effect on me has had an implicit but nevertheless well defined reason for its existence, the Why. The integrity with which it has been made has been evident. One may argue that the clearer the Why, the more the integrity and hence fundamental quality of the sequence. The Why is much more difficult to define than the What.

Which comes first?

Sometimes you may have a set of images and wonder, "What can I do with these?" Holiday travelogues are produced much in this way, i.e. the sequence is picture led. You may hear a piece of music or song and wish to interpret this. Alternatively you may read a poem, article or short story and use these words to produce the sequence. In these latter cases the music, song or script will determine the photographs required.

I feel that it is the IDEA which is the most important. My best sequences start with a good idea. I then write the script and carefully plan the photography to suit the script.