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Who does what ...

IAC is a small organisation with little money. Apart from some office assistance the work is done by ordinary movie making enthusiasts, most of whom are also busy with regional and club work as well as making their own movies or AV presentations. Many are also still trying to make a living!   The Council is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting and choose their own officers. One third of Council members are obliged to retire each year but may stand for re-election. Being on Council is an honour - but a costly one. Members do not get expenses so attending meetings can be a drain on the pocket. In addition to the elected Council there are volunteers who are not on Council but advise members on particular issues or run specialised services/events for the IAC. They may be invited to attend Council when appropriate. Officers are appointed at the November meeting.


We are grateful to our patrons for supporting our work:

The Earl of Cromer     Lord Putnam CBE     John Boorman    

COUNCIL MEMBERS Council will meet 4 times in 2017: 31 Jan, 7 May, 11 Sept, and 5 Nov.
IAC email addresses - here.

President Linda Gough FACI
plus council members  Alan Atkinson FACI
Life Vice-President*  Gerald Mee MBE FACI ARPS

Phillip Collins, FACI
Vice-President Michael Whyman, FACI

Rob Day, FACI
Vice-President Ivor Rose FACI

Michael Gough FACI(M)
Chairman John Howden FACI

David Newman FACI
Vice-Chairman Simon Sumner, FACI

Terence Patrick, FACI
Company Secretary   Ray Henderson FACI

John Owen
Treasurer Ray Henderson FACI

Jackie Williams FACI
(* not member of Council)


Administration and Office Liaison Ivor Rose FACI/ Ray Henderson FACI .... Advertising Manager Mike Whyman FACI
Film Archivist Phillip Collins FACI
.... Assistant Company Secretary Derek Mathieson FACI
Assistant UNICA Delegate Mike Whyman FACI .... Assistant Webmaster Dave Watterson FACI
AV Liaison Marion Waine and John Rowell .... Business Technology Manager Richard Palmer FACI
Competition Manager David Newman FACI ....
East Anglian Film Archive contact Mike Whyman FACI .... Fellowships Officer Michael Gough FACI(M)
Film Archivist Phillip Collins FACI ....
Merchandise Officer Linda Gough FACI ....
Music Copyright Adviser Gerald Mee MBE FACI ARPS ....
NLE Adviser David Jackson FACI .... Overseas Liaison Gerald Mee MBE FACI ARPS
Sponsorship Liaison Gerald Mee MBE FACI ARPS .... Training Officer John Gibbs FACI
UNICA Delegate Alan Atkinson FACI .... Video Librarian John Bartlett
Video Library Reviewer John Howden FACI .... Video Library Selector John Howden FACI<
Webmaster Jan Watterson .... Youth Liaison Simon Sumner FACI

SUB-COMMITTEES meet as required.

Something you want to talk about?

If you want something raised at the council meetings email admin@theiac.org.uk. Council dates are shown above but please send any items for discussion as early as possible to allow time for papers to be circulated and for people to consult with their colleagues in the movement before discussion. We always take member's views very seriously.

Administrative Office:
IAC - The Film and Video Institute, McCracken Park, Great North Road,Gosforth, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE3 2DT Tel: 0191 303 8960

IAC Officer email addresses :

chairman@theiac.org.uk to contact John Howden FACI, our Chairman admin@theiac.org.uk to contact the office or any of the officers and council members
editor.fvm.magazine@gmail.com to contact Mike Whyman FACI, editor of Film & Video Maker videolibrary@theiac.org.uk to contact John Bartlett for  the Video Library service
webmaster@theiac.org.uk to contact the webmaster
competition@theiac.org.uk to contact David Newman FACI about the IAC International Film & Video Competition copyright@theiac.org.uk to contact Gerald Mee MBE FACI ARPS our copyright advisor
fellowships@theiac.org.uk to contact Michael Gough FACI(M) about IAC Fellowships