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BIAFF 2007: Gold  | Silver | Bronze & Blue | Minute Movie | Festival Report

See the links below for additional information about the films and film makers.


Daily Mail Trophy winner for 2007 banner.

Still from 'A Rather Different Year'.

The top prize
went to ...

Ein Etwas Anderes Jahr
(A Rather Different Year)

Karin & Bernhard Hausberger

Bernhard's speech
(2mins 22secs, 6Mb)
Play it now.

Still from 'Art of Glass'.

Still from 'Fantabulous'.

Still from 'The Release'.

Art of Glass
Lester Redding (UK) *

Garry Brown (UK)

The Release
John James,
Terry Tkachuk,
Alan Robinson,
Karen Cherrington,
John Lofting,
Neville Withers
. (UK) **

Still from 'Silence after the Day'.

Still from 'Tel 702'.

Still from 'La Trace'.

Silence After the Day
Ernst Auhuber

Tel 702
Eric Vanoverschelde,
Eric Herreman,
Rik Degezelle,
Bernard de Jaerme,
Patrick Malfait.


La Trace (Footprints)
Daniele Mannelli


     Best Acting
Jean-Michel Balthazar
in La Trace (Footprints)
Still showing Jean-Michel Balthazar in 'La Trace'. Best Photography
Silence After the Day
Ernst Auhuber
Still from 'Silence After the Day'.
Best Animation
Best British Entry (£100)
Best Youth Entry
Garry Brown
Still from 'Fantabulous'. Best Use of Sound
The Thames Tunnel
John Astin
Still from 'Thames Tunnel'.
Best Documentary
A Rather Different Year
Karin & Bernhard Hausberger
Still from 'A Rather Different Year'. Best Junior
I Hate Bananas
Emily & Jasmine Andrews
Still from 'I Hate Bananas'.
Best Editing
The Release
John James,Terry Tkachuk,
Alan Robinson,
Karen Cherrington,
John Lofting, Neville Withers
Still from 'The Release'. Best Humour
The Party
Alisan Beadie
Still from 'The Party'.
The Denholm Cup. Best entry by an
Affiliated Club

The Denham Trophy
("The Alexander Korda Cup")
presented by
London Films
Production Group
Bristol Film & Video Society Still from 'Clarkson'.

Sadly insurance considerations mean that the cups, though presented at BIAFF, cannot be taken away by the winners. Alternative trophies are provided for them to keep.

A Rather Different Year meet the maker /and in German: tv clips and more on VideoClubZillertal and click "News"
Art of Glass see the film online
Clarkson read about making the film on Bristol Film & Video Society website.
Fantabulous meet the maker
I Hate Bananas meet the makers
The Party meet the maker
The Release film maker's diary, trailer and Balls in the Air a documentary about making it.
Silence After The Day meet the maker
Stripped meet the maker / see the film online
Tel 702 meet the maker
La Trace meet the maker

SPONSORS' PRIZES (Royalty-free CDs)

AKM Music Clarkson Bristol Film & Video Society
Boosey & Hawkes The Thames Tunnel John Astin
Carlin Music The Party Alisan Beadie
Focus Music Stripped Mark Jackson
KPM Music Learning the Game Paul Bagshaw
KPM Music Picasso of the Pier Clive Atkins FRPS
Trackline Music The Pinnacle Altrincham Video Society

All films shown on Sunday
received a disc from

who also presented a whole collection
to Mike Shaw the winner of the
Just A Minute
Competition with The Remote.

We are very grateful to our sponsors:

AKM Music Logo. Boosey and Hawkes logo. Carlin Music logo.
Focus Music logo. KPM Music logo. Trackline Music logo.

Motcomb-Relf Music logo.

15 first-stage judges, meeting in changing groups of three, assessed all entries.
First-stage judges:    Geoff Addis Alan Atkinson Rob Day Val Ellis Annabelle Lancaster
Reg Lancaster   Phil Martin David Newman Mary Rouillard Peter Rouillard
Ivor Rose Brian Saberton Norman Speirs George Theaker   Jan Watterson

Gold Standard entries were sent on to the final judges who decided International Standards and special prizes.

Final Judges: David Andrew Linda Gough, FACI Gerald Mee, FACI

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