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The Amateur Cine World
16mm plaque

Amateur Cine World 16mm plaque.

There were originally three of these plaques, one for each gauge 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm.
Later they were awarded for different categories.

1934 Transport Mr and Mrs J.B.S. Thubron
1935 Doomsday Miss Ruth Stuart
1936 Mount Zao Khoji Tukamoto
1937 The Smuggler’s Game M.J.A. Rundel
1938 Hope Springs Eternal E. Pritchard
1942 Apple a Day F.M.Marshall
1945 An Open Letter S.F.Martin
1947 Time to Consider Fourfold Film Unit
1948 The Hour of Darkness Planet Film Society
1949 Dundee Jute J.R.H.Halley
1950 Tides of Fortune Southwick Players
1951 A Penny For Your Thoughts Laurie and Stuart Day
1952 Modern Bee Breeding C.P. Abbott
1953 Little Cinders J.S. Eley
1954 Dance Little Lady L. and S. Day
1955 Rio De Janeiro Oscar H. Horowitz
1956 Tale of Golden Isle Gerald S. Mee
1958 Transport to Paradise L.Bruce, H.S.Day, G.R.S. Mee
1959 The Mind of Dr Furber Ernest A. Hunt, Leslie H. Westwood
1971 De Brief H. Van Kerckhoven
1972 Hellfire Francis High Wycombe Film Society
1973 Vortex Group Five Film Unit
1974 Pauline Centre Film Unit
1975 From The Horse’s Mouth Michael Slowe
1976 La Chute De La Casquette Filmwerkergroep Blepo
1977 Escape From Hotlitz Finchley Cine Society
1978 The Anna Contract Finchley Cine Society
1980 Ten Minutes a Day Robert Khodadad
1982 Extended Play D. Casci, C. Perry, F. Nystrom and D. Woolman
1985 The Magic Man R. Spence
1987 Reise 5 (Journey No 5) K Film
1988 Self Service Terry Mendosa and Paul Mercer
1989 My Pipe Dream Richard Curry
1990 End Game Trevor Davies
1991 Poetic Impressions Emanuela Boshnakova
1992 Aloha Triad Films

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