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Assorted Awards

From festival programmes and magazines we believe the following received a trophy
- either one of the Amateur Cine World plaques or one of the IAC Challenge Cups
in a period when these were not dedicated to specific achievements.
The descriptions are those found in the publications.
1964 Rural Norway (IAC Trophy) Sidney Manasseh
1964 Dinghy Sailing (IAC Cup) Betty & Ian Lauder
1964 Power at your Elbow Roy S. Sutton
1964 Blue Mountain Magic (2nd prize Family Class) John P. Fitzgerald
1964 The Window (2nd prize Experimental / Abstract) The Grasshopper Group
1964 Eton Documentary (2nd prize in Doc.) Eton College Film Unit
1959 Rangoon Prays & Plays(16mm Plaque Travel) Oscar H.Horovitz
1959 The Mind of Dr. Furber (Plaque.Fiction) Ernest A.Hunt & Leslie H.Westwood
1959 Bee-Dazzled (8mm) Colin Smith & Morgan Jones (Australia)
1959 Rhythm in Transit (16mm) Antonio Cernuda
1958 Our Common Right (16mm Plaque) J. Eric Hall
1958 Frere Jacques (8mm) A. Boyd
1958 Passport to Paradise(16mm) + (16mm Plaque Fiction) L. & S. Day / G. R. S. Mee
1956 Tale of a Golden Isle (16mm Plaque Travel ) Gerald R.S.Mee
1956 Hillside Heritage (16mm Plaque Fiction) J. C. Minson
1956 Fun & Fantasy J. D. Butcher
1953 Little Cinders (16mm Plaque) Jack S.Eley
1953 My Wife's Patchwork C.P.Abbott
1950 Tides of Fortune (16mm Plaque) Southwick Players

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