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The IAC Cup for the Best British Open entry.


IAC Cup for the
Best British Open Entry

presented by Alan Cartwright, FACI, - long-term Council Member.
The Open category was established for film students and those with similar access to professional facilties. The arrival of entries from the CINE organisation in the USA during the 1980s meant many excellent student movies were taking part in the festival. By the end of the century the number of such entries had fallen and digital video developments reduced the gap between professional and amateur faciltiies.

2003 Award discontinued.
2002 no award
2001 Eileen Chan, Tamsin Davis, Stephen Grindle Blurred Boundaries
2000 Peter Dunphy & Daniel Glynn Betty and Sam
1997 Omid Nooshin Rooftop
1995 Piotr Szkopiak Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
1994 Darrin Lile Eyes Upon Us
1993 Larry T. Travis Liveshot
1992 Paul W. Warner In the Name of the Father
1991 Doug Atchison Ellen's Father
1990 Christine Roum Belinda in the Water
1989 Bruce Dolin Two Scoops for Slugger
1988 Richard Lewis Mardi Gras
1987 } H. Roffman Mailroom Blues
1987 } University of Southern California Heroes
1986 James & Gordon Hickie The Flea Market
1984 Frank P.Saperstein Looking for Paradise

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