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The Bassett Lowke Trophy for

the best entry by an Individual

Many readers will be familiar with the firm of Bassett Lowke who make finely engineered models of steam locomotives. Details of the firm's present range can be found on its website: www.bassett-lowke.com  

There is no photograph of the trophy - a delicate wooden model of a Specto-type projector. We have no information about it prior to 1950 and it seems to have been discontinued in 1959. For two years the title of the winning film was not recorded either ...

1959 Rhythm in Transit Antonio Cernuda (Cuba)
1958 Our Common Right J. D. Butcher
1957 no festival
1956 Fun and Fantasy J. D. Butcher
1955 Temple for Athena John (Jack) S. Eley
1954 Dance Little Lady Laurie & Stuart Day
1953 City of Temples Laurie & Stuart Day
1952 C. P. Abbott
1951 Jack Barton (Canada)
1950 Time Flower Christopher Simpson

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