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The Best Use of Sound Trophy.


The IAC Trophy
for Creative Use of Sound

It is important to note the term "creative" here.
There was also in earlier years a trophy called The Twyford Cup given for the best non-synch sound.

In the early 21st century the giving of trophies was stopped, but the award continues. In recent years its has been generously supported by Rycote.
2021 War on Pears Werner Haegeman
2020 The Painting (for creative use of music) Joan Pals
2019 Night Tide Richard Miller
2018 CUIB Alan Robinson & Terry Tkachuk
2017 No Hidden Extras Rhys Lewis & Ian Smyth
2016 - -
2015 Borneo Jungle Soundscape Jon Grey
Shame and Glasses Alessandro Riconda
Habitualise Hyun Suk Park
2012 Vincent Berry van der Vorst & Brian Smits
2011 Abyss David Brezina & Pavel Kopp
2010 Letters from the Front Ron Prosser
2009 Aus der Seele (From the Soul) Holger Loewe
2008 Overleven (Survival) Mark Kapteijns
2007 The Thames Tunnel John Astin
2006 Living in the Past Michael Gough
2005 no award
2004 Waterway to Wales David A. Whitworth
2003 Etude 25 Eggermont Leslie
2002 Soul To Keep Colin Paxman
2001 Argentian Association of Actors Sebastian Alfie
2000 Pianissimo Mino Croce & Guido Wilhelm
1999 Der Pechvogel Rudiger Schnoor & Wolfgang Wesemann
1997 F205 Leandro Blanco
1996 The Message Borehamwood C & CC
1995 Requiem for a Blue Planet Leandro Blanco
1994 Hate Howard Ford / Jason Delorme
1990 The Shape Ian Gamble
1989 The Thing From Beneath The Bed!! Chris Jones
1988 De Vier Jaargetijden Piet Van Es
1987 Gone West Tony Cane-Honeysett
1985 Reign of the Tigers Abbey Film Unit
1984 Look at Me Finchley Cine Society
1983 Piano Rialzato Rolph Mandolesi
1982 Beyond the Gate Michael Galea
1981 The Hungry Grass Archie Reid
1979 Cycle Brandon Apps
1978 The Anna Contract Finchley Cine Society
1977 Zoo Michael Slowe
1976 La Chute de la Casquette Filmwerk Groep Blepo
1975 Malabar Masque A. D. Bolland
1974 Echecs Postaux Pierre Michelle
1973 La Citta dai Mille F. Bertlizzi & Colorista Morendo
1971 The Wager Peter Rouillard

1958 Passport to Paradise Laurie Day, Stuart Day, Gerald Mee
1956 Manhattan Maelstrom Dot and Luscher
1955 Flight 566 C. Morgan Jones
1954 Dance Little Lady Laurie & Stuart Day
1953 City of Temples Laurie & Stuart Day
1951 The Scottish Showgrounds Harry Birrell
1949 Bells of Torment Planet Film Society
1948 Without Straw Ivor F. Smith
1945 Cornish Cove John Martin
1942 Our Daily Bread John Martin
1938 A Pallette in Cornwall J. E. Davies

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