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The logo of the festival. TO LOVE A MAN - the humanitarian film festival

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This festival takes place on alternate years. The timing and arrangements are similar each time.

It takes place in Oswiecim, Poland. Its slightly odd title means more when you use the German form of the town's name: Auschwitz. The infamous Nazi concentration camp there and in nearby Birkenau killed more than 1.1 million people. The festival website says:

To Love a Man... is to show fleeting moments, time passing by and running thoughts, letting them live their own life. The thoughts should last so that they could outline the picture of man`s fate, despite all that brings people together and what divides them. Let them show what has been important for mankind, and what will never cease to exist, because it is not only “here and now” but also “always and everywhere”.

Festival Goals:

  • - To shape the attitude of love and respect to a human through showing in films all aspects of human life
  • - To show artistic efforts and achievements complying with the program guidelines of the festival

Address:Oswiecim Cultural Center, ul. Sniadecki 24, Oswiecim
website: ock@ock.org.pl

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