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TOTI - 3rd International Video Festival, Maribor 2002

Habakuk Hotel in Maribor.Date and Place: October 5th 2002, Hotel Habakuk, Pohorska 59, Maribor, Slovenia

Contact: Mr Krivec Alojz
Dupleška 117
SLO - 2112 Maribor
E-mail: vesna.krivec@siol.net
Website: http://www.fvk-mb.com

Deadline: August 15th 2002

Conditions: All non commercial video-films are qualified to participate at the festival. No limit on the number of video-films per single author. 15 minutes max. NTSC, PAL, SECAM.  One film per cassette.  Animated cartoon, acting, documentary, experimental.

International jury.


The United Nations declared 2002 to the international mountain Year. Send video films to this theme. Special award for the best "mountain film"!

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A collection of the teddy bear prizes.AWARDS

Place & date: Ebensee - Ober Österreich, Austria, 16th - 23rd June 2002
Festival Officer: Erich Riess (AUT)
Jury: Jef van Gompel (BEL), Holger Becker (DEU), Beate Part (AUT), Ctirad Stipl (CZE), Adolf Opel (AUT)

UNICA Medal: Ein Schwarz Weiss Film - Jens-Tibor Homm (DEU)
Grand Prix: 800 Calories - Aurit Zamir (ISL)
Landeshauptman´s Prize for the Best Film from Austria: Es Ist Was Es Ist Sagt Die Liebe - Filmclub of the Girls´ School in Ebensee (AUT)
Ebensee Lord Mayor´s Prize for the Best Experimental Film: Stereotyped - Tim Fehlbaum (CHE)
Audience Prize: Naturwunder Namib - Willy Lang (LUX)
Special Prize for the Best Actor was given to the actress starring in the English film Perfect - Christopher Mander (GBR)

Golden Bear:

Ebensee jury voting.Silver Bear:

Bronze Bear:

Winner of Shorts:

  1. Get It On - Silviano Plank (ITA)
  2. Ich Fahre Nach ... - Bernhard Hausberger (AUT)
  3. Chez Dada - Jan Hammenecker (BEL).

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Festival logo.AWARDS

Place and Date: Polanica Zdrój, Poland , 28th April - 1st May 2002
Festival Officer: Marek Mazurkiewicz (POL)
Jury: Sylwester Checinski (POL), Jaroslaw Zamojda (POL), Andreas Lippitz (DEU), Stanislaw Puls (POL), Ctirad Stipl (CZE), Jacek Szymanski (POL)

Street scene in Polanica Zdroj.Grand Prix: Zyletka - Tomasz Jastrzebski (POL)
1st Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:

FTFN Prize: Kamienne Twarze - Tomasz Wincenciak (POL)

Dariusz Milka Prize: Nauka Jazdy - Michal Konca (POL)

Special Prize:

Another street scene in Polanica Zdroj.Environment Prize:


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Festival logo.AWARDS

Place & Date: Kromeriz, Czechia, 1st December 2001
Festival Officer: Ing. Ladislav Frantis
Jury: Aleksander Myszak (POL), PhDr. Zuzana Školudová (SVK), Mgr. Miroslav Tušcák (CZE), Ing. Emil Pražan (CZE) a Eva Oherová (CZE)

The Grosse Platz in Kromeriz.UNICA Medal: Cultural Village Of Europe - Bystré 2001

Seniorprix: Schlüssel & Ivana Koubek - Oskar Siebert (DEU)

1st prize: Príbehy Lokální Dráhy - Jirí Beneš (CZE)

2nd prize: Neues Leben Auf Unserem Balkon - Willi Vogel (DEU)

3rd prize: Muj Den Má Opet 24 Hodin - Miroslav Cerný (CZE)

CSFV Kromeríz Prize: Home - Emil Kubiš (CZE)

CSFV President Prize: Velký Starý Príbeh - Petr Baran (CZE)

Spectator Prize: Setkání Pod Lunetami - Ladislav Františ (CZE)


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Street in Pozega.AWARDS

Place & Date: Pozega, Croatia, 25th May 2002
Festival Officer: Zeljko Balog

UNICA Medal: Ovisnost - Barbara Perse (CRO)

1st prize: The End - Darko Duda (CRO)

2nd prize: El Extraordinario Desarrollo De Las Telecomunicationes - Adriana Yurcovich (ARG)

3rd prize: Brana - Hubert Ramotowski (POL)

Awarded by audience: Deliverance - Zoran Mudronja (CRO)

Hajdarovic Gallery award: Target - Ana Seric (CRO)

Beck Gallery award: Cvrst Disk - Mitze Capovski (MAC)

The winner of the decade: Maeklong Station Or Market? - Mf.Malleron (FRA)

Special prize for the 1000th entry: Zena - Bruno Razum (CRO)

Top Ten:

With its 28000 inhabitants and almost eight centuries long history Pozega is a city of great cultural tradition and beautiful baroque architecture. It is the center of the Pozega Valley named by the Romans "Vallis aurea" - The Golden Valley.

Throughout the history of Croatian culture it was continuously contributing many famous names in the fields of science, culture, literature and economy and since 1993 it has been the seat of the international film and video festival CROATIAN MINUTE MOVIE CUP. Since then this traditional event, which is under the patronage of UNICA, takes place every year in May having received 893 entries so far. Authors from 23 countries participated on 9th Croatian Minute Movie Cup in 2001.

Contact: GFR Film - Video, 34000 Pozega, p. p. 709, Croatia. tel: (++385) 98 520 560, fax: (++385) 34 273 740 <gfr-film-video@po.hinet.hr> <http://www.cmmc.cjb.net>

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Festival logo.27th FILM SONG AND VIDEOCLIP - Mohelnice, Czechia,

Saturday, 16th November 2002

The Film Song and Videoclip Festival (MFP) is an international competition for non-commercial film makers. The recommended duration of each piece is up to 7 minutes.

Organiser: MOKAF - Amateur Film Cinema of Mohelnice, member of the Czech UNICA Committee (CVU).

The topic of the competing film song or videoclip can be any song with a text sung by the human voice in any language. Music and the film genre are a matter for the author´s taste. Songs without words (with music only) and melodramas are not considered as acceptable for the competition. Original approaches and non traditional execution are welcome. Cassettes with the title of the film/video, the technical data and the author´s name and address are considered as an entry form. Only the first item on each cassette will be screened.

28th October 2002 - Deadline for the mailed entries and films. Address: Dum kultury, MFP, Lazebnická 2, CZ - 78985 Mohelnice

4th November 2002 - Screening of all admitted films to a jury of student spectators (300 students from the Commercial High School in Mohelnice). They determine the success of all admitted movies on the basis of individual valuations.

16th November 2002 - The public MFP screening before an international jury. 09.00 a.m. - the opening of the MFP; 02.00 p.m. - expected end of the screening; 05.00 p.m. - jury discussion in public; 07.00 p.m. - award ceremony and unofficial session.

Contact: Mr. Ctirad Štipl, Wolkerova 9, CZ - 78985 Mohelnice, tel.: 0648 430 617 mobil: 0601 244 592 <ctirad.stipl@cbox.cz>

Accommodation: Pension RESIDENCE, Smetanova 7, CZ - 78985 Mohelnice, tel.: 00420 648 431 441, fax: 00420 648 431 942 <www.pension-mohelnice.cz>

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Festival logo.30th AMATEUR ARSFILM - KROMERÍZ 2002

Date and Place: October 11th to 13th, 2002 * Czech Republic, Kromeríx - House of Culture
Contact: Dum kultury, Tovacovského ul. c.2828, 767 01 Kromeríz, Czechia
tel: + 0420 364 340 827, fax: + 0420 364 340 866 < ladislav@recom-km.cz>
Deadlines for Entries: All items must be received by the head organizer no later than 15th of September, 2002. The pre-selection committee decision will be sent to authors by September 30th, 2002.

Prusinovsky Strasse in Kromeriz.The International Jury Awards:

Entry Rules: The Amateur ARSfilm (AFA) can be entered by amateurs with their movies and videoprogrammes they did not arise on the commercial base or for commercial purposes. The creators can also be students of film schools and artistic education schools and independent authors, too. The final number of works made by one author is not limited. Categories:

Technical Requests: S 8, 16mm films with magnetic or optical soundtrack, VHS, S-VHS (PAL or NTSC). They should be no longer than 20 minutes of projection time. The organizers of the festival are responsible for all entries from the day they have received them till the time they were sent back to their owners.

General Conditions: Please, write a short content (synopsis) to each movie on the back side of its entry form. Add possible description about its successes on various competitions if it was presented there. Enclosing some photos with scenes inside the movie or a photography of its author are highly recommended, too.

Financial Arrangements: Each film or videomovie - received for the competition - entitles one of its author (or a representative of its creating team) for the personal participation on this event and the organizers will pay one day accommodation to him. There is also a possibility to book an accommodation for other participants but not free of charge. For each applicated work its author has to pay an entry fee in advance. A charge document has to be an enclosure of the application form which is sent for the entrance to ARSfilm competition.

Participation Fees: The participants have to pay 12 EURO (or 15 USD) for each film or videomovie. Pay to: Dum kultury Kromeríz, The bank: Komercní banka a.s., pobocka Kromeríz, 767 01, the Czech Republic - Account Number : 14636-69/0100, Variable Symbol: 1098. Please, keep this precise head on your pay bank order.

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