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The making of 6885

6885 won a Gold Standard award.

Emmanuel Dubois made last year's festival hit film, The Middle Way which mixed a romantic story with spectacular climbing scenes. He became a father in February and apologised for not having time to write much about his film.
[The announcement of little Antoine's arrival came in the form of the programme leaflet for a major movie premiere.]

Portrait of Emmanuel Dubois.

Emmanuel Dubois at the summit. Interviewing the climbers - from '6885' by Emmanuel Dubois.
Emmanuel at the summit.

Interviewing the climbers.

The title , 6885, refers to the Ojos Del Salado which at 6885 metres is one of the highest trekking summits on Earth.

Still from '6885'. Still from '6885'.

The movie tells how a climber flies to Chile to climb it. The experience of physical suffering in high altitudes coincides with the bitter ending of a romantic relationship which he finds difficult to accept.

Still from '6885'. Still from '6885'.

During the long way to the top of the mountain he finally comes to terms with it. The poetry of the words and the beauty of the landscapes contributes to a very intimate love story in the heart of the Andes.

Climbers on Lascar - from '6885' by Emmanuel Dubois. In Laguna Verde - from '6885' by Emmanuel Dubois.

Emmanuel Dubois is a member of the French Federation of Independent Filmmakers (FFCV). When he is not producing films and climbing mountains, he works as a software engineer for Freescale Semiconductors in Toulouse, France.

Climbers on Ojos - from '6885' by Emmanuel Dubois. A volcano - from '6885' by Emmanuel Dubois.

Emmanuel has travelled around the world since the age of twenty with his camcorder as a faithful companion. His destinations are often chosen for the beauty of their mountain ranges and the authenticity of their inhabitants. His films deal with the vulnerability and smallness of human beings in gigantic rocky landscapes such as the Atacama desert in Chile.

The team at the summit - from '6885' by Emmanuel Dubois.

Since 1993, he has made several video reports in Scotland, Ecuador, Peru, Central African Republic, South Africa, Ladakh, Ethiopia ... most of them screened and awarded prizes in French film festivals.

His first fiction La voie du milieu (The Middle Way) featuring rock-climbers in the Vercors range in France, won an International Medallion and Best Camerawork prize at BIAFF 2005.

- Emmanuel Dubois     March 2006

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