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The making of Dentophobia

To BIAFF 2009 results | To Full Making Of Index

To BIAFF 2009 results | To Full Making Of Index
At BIAFF 2009 Dentophobia by Christoph Heimer got a Diamond award.

Portrait of Christopher Heimer.

My father is NOT a dentist!

My father is not a dentist, but the story at the beginning of the film ("teeth in the throat") is really true and happened to me, when I was a child.

I'm 22 years old, and now in the 2nd year of filmschool, Dentophobia was my application for the university. I'm not a member of any kind of "Filmclub". When not making movies, I really like to do photography or to dance.

Still from 'Dentophobia'. Still from 'Dentophobia'. Still from 'Dentophobia'.

The idea for the film was born because I know so many people who have fear of the dentist... The performers are all friends of mine. I know some stuntmen from Berlin who previously worked on big productions like Operation Valkyrie, V for Vendetta and The Pianist -  and they decided to help us.

Still from 'Dentophobia'. Still from 'Dentophobia'. Still from 'Dentophobia'.

Post-production took me nearly 6 months, it was quite a large amount of work, because we had so many wire action shots and all the wires had to be painted out.

Mostly the public have enjoyed the film.

We shot on Panasonic HVX 200 with P&S Mini35*. We used Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Shake.

Still from 'Dentophobia'. Still from 'Dentophobia'. Still from 'Dentophobia'.

- Christoph Heimer

Picture of the P& S Mini35 gadget.* The P&S Mini35 is a gadget which fits in front of a camcorder lens.

It allows standard 35mm lenses to be used. The image is focused on a ground-glass screen in the film plane and it is that image the camcorder records. It allows all the depth of field and variable focus effects of a 35mm film making. It explains how the film was shot in the cinema format of 2.39:1.

For details see the manufacturer's website: www.pstechnik.de

There are some behind-the-scenes pictures and information on Christof's website www.chfilm.de (German) or click here for a Google translated version in English. www.dentophobia.de has a trailer and photos of people at the film's premiere.

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Page updated on 06 October 2011
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