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The making of Between

Pomiedzy (Between)

by Michal Stenzel & Anna Kasperska won The Best Story and a Diamond Award at BIAFF 2010.

An old lady moves into a drab block of flats where people keep to themselves ...
and persuades them gradually to form a little community.

Photo of Michal and Anna.
Michal Stenzel
& Anna Kasperska

Still from 'Between'.Still from 'Between'.Our movie Between was a part of international film project "Four For One" , involving students of film schools and amateur filmmakers. Each of team from four countries (Germany, Turkey, France and Poland) had to shoot a short movie with the common topic:"exclusion".  Actually, after a quite short discussion, Anna and I found the idea, but we were developing it for about four months with help of our friend, Agata Walinowicz. We had many discussions over the internet because at that time we were in three different cities and Anna wasn't even in Poland but in Estonia.
Still from 'Between'.Still from 'Between'.The very big problem for us was finding the right building with a suitable corridor and apartments.

After few weeks I found it in the city I study in, Wroclaw. Than we had to convince the inhabitants to lend us their apartments and to remove their doors. It wasn't easy, but we succeeded with some of them. We had to make two apartments on the movie out of one. The flat in which the main character, the lady, lived is also where the woman talking on the telephone lived.

Still from 'Between'.Still from 'Between'.We had to use a lot of lights when shooting the movie,especially in the last scene. This was the most expensive part for us, but thankfully we had a financial support from the European Union's project "Youth in Action Programme". Right now I don't even remember how many lights we we using, but it was more than ten and most of them were Kino Flo. We were shooting with Panasonic AJ-SPX800 borrowed from local academic TV station.
Still from 'Between'.Still from 'Between'.I thought that we would have many problems with finding actors but it turned out to be the easiest part. I went to local theatre academy and ask the boss for some help. She told me she would like to take part (she is the lady talking on the phone) and she contacted a few of her friends who might be suitable for the roles in Between.
Still from 'Between'.Still from 'Between'.We wanted in our movie to deal with a real problem which is very common in Poland and probably in many other countries, which is the exclusion/separation of neighbours who live side by side. As I remember, Le Corbusier had quite the opposite intention when designing the first block of flats. But we didn't want to make our movie very serious and that's why it looks rather like a fairy tale. And, actually, the metaphor we used in the movie was not only about a block of flats but about people in general. The lady who moves into the apartment shows that a different way of living is also possible. But she doesn't force anybody to make a change. She just sets an example and the decision is made by the neighbours themselves.

- Michal Stenzel


Directors: Anna Kasperska and Michal Stenzel
Camera: Maciej Kochajewski
Actors: Miroslawa Lombardo, Anna Kramarczyk, Aneta Gluch-Klucznik, Józef Frymet, Michal Kowalczyk
Producers: Anna Kasperska and Michal Stenzel.

  • Anna Kasperska was born 1986. She studies new media at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw
  • Michal Stenzel was born in 1985. He studies in Warsaw and Posen. Now he is based in Brelau continuing Culture Studies.



This involved cooperation between young filmmakers from France, Germany, Poland and Turkey. Each team in those countries made a short movie around the theme of “exclusion”. They wanted to examine how their different cultural backgrounds would alter the way they perceived the topic. They applied successfully for financial support from the E.U. "Youth in Action". They met rarely but kept in touch through Skype.

In January 2009 they began shooting in their separate countries. After a month of editing they met in Istanbul to watch each other's work and put together the DVD with all the projects and subtitles in 5 languages (English, Polish, French, German and Turkish).

* [Webmaster: I apologise for not being able to reproduce the Polish characters in names. These are the nearest English equivalents.]

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