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The making of


by Saladin Dellers

The original idea did not come from me. My brother, Elias, wrote a script about his idea, but he didn't film it - so I got this script, which I worked on, elaborated and researched more.

It was a very short pre-production time before shooting for such a project. Four months before shooting I began to make arrangements. Since it was my first project, it was hard for me to organise all the people for the shoot.

As people then cancelled, sometimes at short notice, I sometimes wondered whether I really would make it. Since the idea of the film came from my brother, he was very concerned that it would be well translated onto the screen and he supported me one hundred percent.

Portrait of Saladin Dellers.
Saladin Dellers

Still from 'Ich'. Since I wanted to show a knife cutting into a hand directly and realistically in this film, I needed to get a professional make-up artiste. All the rest of the crew were around my own age. I thought I had found a make-up lady, but three days before the shoot she cancelled. That was a little stressful but somehow I managed to overcome even this setback.

At the end of this preparation phase, I was pretty exhausted when we started shooting. I wanted to keep costs as low as possible so we filmed everything in one day. That meant starting early in the morning and a very late wrap.

I used the bathroom in our house as a location. It was very small. For this we covered the window so we could shoot regardless of the daylight. In that small, darkened room with many lights and many people … it got really warm.

My brother and I began to prepare the set at four in the morning. By seven o'clock everyone should have been in place. Actually everyone was there … except the main character. And since he is the only actor in this film, we could not switch to another scene.

Still from 'Ich'.
After a long call on his mobile phone, I realised he had overslept. After we had woken him, and he had missed two trains, he finally arrived three hours later. Since I has planned the shoot very closely, it was a bit difficult to make up this time. But we did it. At the end of the shoot, around midnight, everyone went back home, except me and my brother. We had to dismantle the whole set again.
Still from 'Ich'. Then came the more peaceful phase of editing, which I also did. When I then looked at the material I was amazed that it all worked so well despite these problems.

When I had edited the film and started work on the sound design, I asked myself what sound suggests a cutting of the hand? After a whole day of squashing and cutting fruit and checking hours of sound-effects, I managed to get a really good sound for that.

This task, though it sometimes took me to my very limits, was so satisfying that after the film, I started writing a film script of my own.

- Saladin Dellers

Ich?(Me?) won a 4 Star Award and the prize for Best Entry in the 16-21 Age Category at BIAFF 2011

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Page updated on 01 October 2011
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