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The making of Kalorien (Calories)

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At BIAFF 2015 Antje Gleißberg won 5-Stars and the Best Animation prize with Kalorien (Calories)

Still from 'Calories'.

I wanted to bring one of my creations to life.

The film Calories was created during the one-week International Animated Film Workshop called ANIMA. I only made a few corrections and compositing subtleties after the animated film workshop.

In the run-up to the ANIMA I was desperately looking for a story that I could realize as an animation during the workshop. One night, after all the calories probably also worked straight through the night quietly in my closet, I had this idea.

Still from 'Calories'.
Still from 'Calories'.
Still from 'Calories'.

Still from 'Calories'. Somehow sweets mostly play a role in my film ideas, probably because I can´t get enough of them. Crocheting small figures is another passion of mine and I wanted to bring one of my creations to life. I therefore decided to give my puppet animation a special look and so I started to design characters and props and crocheted them. It was quite complex. I crocheted this almost the whole week before the ANIMA.

For shooting, it was sometimes necessary to cheat a little. For example the chocolate toast at the beginning of the movie was shot in reverse. The chocolate was therefore not crocheted frame by frame onto the toast but split stitch by stitch and the scene finally played backwards.

The complete sound design was created by Markus Pötschke, a very talented musician from Dresden, who set music to the films of the ANIMA participants for many years now.
Still from 'Calories'.

Since 1982, over 30 young animators from Germany, Poland and from a third country such as Russia, Ukraine, Austria, the Czech Republic and Georgia come to Dresden to attend the International Animated Film Workshop ANIMA. The ANIMA is a meeting of young people between 12 to 26 years as part of a creative animated film workshop. The aim of the workshop is to know and understand young people learn in the intensive study of animation in a circle of like-minded people. The participants work for a week under professional guidance on their animated film ideas.

The head, mentor and soul of the ANIMA is Rolf Birn.

[http://fantasia-dresden.de/anima - in German, but try it through Google Translate.]

The Monster and also the Calories have an armature (bendy metal skeleton) inside. That's why I sometimes thought I would break my fingers while trying to crochet around the wire shape.
Making puppets for 'Kalorien'.
Making puppets for 'Kalorien'.
Making puppets for 'Kalorien'.
Making puppets for 'Kalorien'.

Portrait of Antje Gleißberg.I studied Media Communication in Chemnitz and I´m working now at Sächsischer Kinder- und Jugendfilmdienst e.V. This is the organizer of the SCHLINGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences. Amongst other things, I´m a  member of the selection committee for animted short films. If you are interested, you´ll find more information about the festival in English here:

- Antje Gleißberg

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Page updated on 01 April 2015
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