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  BIAFF 2011 Selection 1       (Library ref no. 111)

This is Set 1 of 5 DVDs with selections from the festival. All are in the 16:9 format and were screened at BIAFF 2011, in the Cairn Hotel, Harrogate. Click here for Festival Report.

This is the first selection of entries from the BIAFF 2011 Competition. The heart of the programme is Helping Hand a very hard hitting drama which won the Daily Mail Trophy. Some Club audiences may find this Korean tale of child sexual abuse uncomfortable, even when it is lightened with the gentleness of innocent friendship. It is surrounded by lighter relief from other dramas, animation, comedy, and documentary from England and Europe. Compilation by Val Ellis (Video Selector) Reviews by Michael Gough. The "making of" articles may provide points for discussion.

1. Still from 'A Gentle Woman'.A GENTLE WOMAN
Phil Martin (Ascot)

In this simple story of an elderly lady and her greedy son the excellent dialogue and acting bring out every nuance of their relationship. We might guess who will win, and even will her on, but the result is a heart warming story.

Four Stars, BIAFF 2011 (article on making it) (preview it online)

Comedy Drama

2. PATROUILLE (Patrol)
Still from ' Patrouille'.Wendy Dettman (Germany)

A beautifully designed black and white cutout silhouette animation almost three dimensional in its presentation. A young girl proves herself to be an effective night watchman in the streets of the small town.

IAC Diamond, BIAFF 2011


3. Still from 'Dancer'.DANCER
James Webber (London)

Two people are at the centre of a tragic accident. A family and friends grieve. The perpetrator feels guilty. What will happen if both sides ever meet? The structure and subtle acting in this poignant drama are near perfect.

IAC Diamond, Best Story, Best British Entry Awards at BIAFF 2011. Bronze medal at UNICA 2011.
(article on making it) (preview it online)


4. Still from 'Shackletons Paradise'.SHACKLETON'S PARADISE
Guido Haesen (Luxembourg)

Guido's trip to South Georgia gave him the opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders of the island that is the final resting place of the great explorer Ernest Shackleton. Guido's superb photography allows us to share that experience.

Five Stars, BIAFF 2011


5. Still from 'Helping Hand'.HELPING HAND
Jang Eun Youn (South Korea)

This is a difficult film to both watch and perhaps understand. Some viewers have objected to the visualisation of sexual abuse of a boy with learning difficulties. However, good drama has always explored the less attractive sides of life and this is a powerful example from another culture. The acting of the boy deservedly won the best acting award.

IAC Diamond, Best Acting Award (for Kim Junhong), Daily Mail Trophy Winner at BIAFF 2011  (article about it) (preview it online)


6. Still from 'The New Washing Machine'.DIE NEUE WASCHMASCHINE (The New Washing Machine)
Winfried Bellman (Germany)

Computerised animation at its very best. Two guinea pigs set out to explore outside their cage and find the open door of the washing machine too tempting to resist.

IAC Diamond, Best Animation, Best Comedy Awards at BIAFF 2011

(article on making it)


Total running time 86 mins. DVD or MiniDV tape.

Rental fee £7.50

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