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BIAFF 2016 Selections      


The BIAFF 2016 selection from the main competition is presented on three sets of double DVDs. Each set includes the same Disc 1 which has the major awards. The second disc is different in each set to provide three choices of a varied and entertaining club evening.
The fourth selection is from the Youth Competition.
All videos in 16x9 aspect ratio. Hirings can be arranged through the video librarian, John Bartlett, e-mail quoting selection codes 158, 159, 160 or 161.

Compilations by Val Ellis. Reviews by Michael Gough. The "making of" articles may provide points for discussion.

The selections are made up as follows:

SELECTION 1 (Library ref no 158) Disc 1
Disc 2
96 mins
78 mins

SELECTION 2 (Library ref no 159) Disc 1 (Same as Disc 1 in Selection 1)
Disc 2
96 mins
94 mins

SELECTION 3 (Library ref no 160) Disc 1 (Same as Disc 1 in Selection 1)
Disc 2
96 mins
82 mins

YOUNG FACES AT BIAFF (Library ref no 161) Young film-makers
79 mins

Rental fee (each selection) £7.50