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Two Open Class International Award-winning entries from the 1990 IAC International Film and Video Competition.

1. BELINDA IN THE WATER Christine Roum (USA)
Belinda (Ann Farthing) would rather be like her dream of 'The Perfect Body' (Christine Hubbard); instead, she is more than somewhat overweight. With the help of Roxy (Georgia Lambron) she tries to come to terms with her problem. Photographed by William McDonald; original music by Tom Lindblade.
Transfer from 16mm film.
IAC Best Open, Best Script 1990 story 19 min.


2. PROMISED LAND Pat Verducci (USA)
All Danny (Robby Sella) wants is a chance to prove to the elusive agent, Irving J. Schwartz (Buck Kartalian), that he has talent. He must succeed at all costs, even if it means losing the love of Maggie (Laurie McDermott). This is a highly entertaining musical, graced with some fine lyrics and melodies, penned by director-editor Pat Verducci and scored by David Russo, plus some well- choreographed dance numbers arranged by Jason Ma. Photographed by William McDonald; co-written by Pat Verducci and Michael Colleary.
Transfer from 16mm film.
IAC International Award, Best Sound Award (Open) 1990


Total running time 53 mins.

Not available for hire at present.

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