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Robert Elvis Marmorstein (USA)

1. At home a lad flicks through the many channels available on American television. Even at work, he idles his time away playing with the channel changer. He finds his nights filled with the many images in his head from the TV screen. He continually finds the same girl appearing on the screen and soon discovers that his channel changer can change things before his very eyes in real life. The story takes a new twist when the girl from the screen confronts him in the flesh; she too has been dreaming. . . A summary of this intriguing but demanding video is difficult since the narrative operates on almost as many levels as there are channels to change to, but this collage of story fragments and apt songs pulls itself into a meaningful whole by the end. For some this will be compulsive viewing, others will find even a short length of its long playing time audio-visual indigestion. Starring Taebor Lime and Hihi Dahl Huntz.
IAC Bronze Seal 1987


Total running time 44 mins.

Not available for hire at present.

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Page updated on 25 May 2013
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