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The IAC film library - on the 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm and 16mm guages - has been stored in the East Anglian Film Archive for several years. The collection comprises more than 1300 items with the earliest films dating from the 1920s.
Seventy-two of these films are available to view on-line as part of the EAFA website. For a fuller appreciation, however, we know that presentation on a big screen is the best option, especially for club shows. This is one of several selections of the films.

1. WAXEN WEDDING (1970) Cine Club d'Orleans
A sardonic thriller from a leading French club. It has an imaginative script and both the acting and settings lift it above many group films of the time.

2. LOOK AT ME (1982) Finchley Cine Club
A comedy from one of Britain's most consistently successful clubs, founded in 1930.

3. RIGOR MORTIS (1963) Jesus College Film Society of Oxford
Meticulous planning and execution will result in the perfect murder. There's just one small detail...

4. EIGHT O'CLOCK SPECIAL (1962) Alan Sidi and John Rose
A commuter's trip from Leeds to Bradford at a speed rarely experienced on our railway system! Perfect choice of music.

5. MARKABA (1977) John Dacoutros
Set in a Maltese neolithic temple. A human sacrifice is made to ensure a good harvest. Superb photography.

Total running time approx. one hour. DVD

Rental fee £7.50

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Page updated on 26 November 2013
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