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IAC MERMAIDS & MINI-MERMAIDS 2004       (Library ref no. 91)

During the Autumn Convention and AGM weekend it is customary for IAC regions to compete in a light-hearted film contest. "The Mermaid" is for longer films and "The Mini-Mermaid" is for films up to one-minute long.
Still from 'At Heavens Gates'.AT HEAVEN'S GATE
by Hornchurch Cine & Video Club (Jim Tumbridge)

While waiting at the Pearly Gates two men get talking about their deaths and find they have more in common than they suspected.
4 mins

2. Still from 'Mister Christmas'. MR. CHRISTMAS
by Gusto Pictures(Nigel Barton)

Christmas a time for Santa and for coloured lights flashing, but a flashing Santa may be going too far for Doncaster.

spoof documentary

3. JANUARY JOYStill from 'January Joy'.

Lots of people choose a January holiday break ... but few of them opt for Gloucester Docks, which according to this film have very little in the way of interest, or hotels.

Spoof Documentary

4. Still from 'The Lecture'.THE LECTURE
Gordon Bullock

At the night school, the lecturer is ready, the notes are sorted, the time is nigh ... but where are the students?


5. CHRISTMAS DELIGHTStill from 'Christmas Delight'.
by Lowestoft Video Workshop

The VIP cook demonstrates the making of a Christmas cake ... with lots of brandy!

  8 min

Still from 'Saved by a Whisker'.SAVED BY A WHISKER
by Toucan Films

Man saves dog ... which makes him an unwilling local hero, but there is more to the tale than meets the eye.
6 mins.

7. SIMPLE SISYPHUSStill from 'Simple Sisyphus'.
Colin Jones & Dick Horn

A simple son makes a hash of various chores, though his heart is in the right place.
(Read about making it.).


Still from 'And Then ...'.AND THEN ...
by Barry Lockwood

It takes patience to build a tower of cards but just as it nears completion ...
3 mins

Mini Mermaids
Still from 'Afternoon Tea'.AFTERNOON TEA
by Valrie Ellis

A teatime conversation turns to the problems of a nephew ..
1 min

2. Still from 'The Parting'. THE PARTING
by Cloak and Dagger

Sometimes a man's got to do, what a man's got to do.

1 min

3. IN LOVING MEMORYStill from 'In Loving Memory'.
by Mavis & Harry Bird, Julie Greenwood and Peter Jeffery

A widow enjoys the bequest from her mean husband.

1 min

4. Still from 'Henrys Late Friend'.HENRY'S LATE FRIEND
The John Street Film & Video Unit, Lowestoft Cine & Camcorder Club

A chance meeting sets two old friends talking. A mutual friend has died suddenly.

1 min

5. WHOSE ROUND?Still from 'Whose Round?'.
Edinburgh Cine & Video Society

When two friends are on a spree it seems only fair to take turns paying.

  1 min

6. THE VISITORStill from 'The Visitor'.
John Guile (South Downs Video & Film Makers)

What kind of reception should a mother-in-law expect when she turns up unannounced and plans to stay?


Still from 'Margarets'.MARGARETS
by Barry Lockwood

Clever trickery makes this a memorable version of musical chairs.

Total running time 50 mins. DVD or MiniDV Tape

Price 7.50.  

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