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  2011 Mermaid and Mini-Mermaid (2 disc set)       (Library ref no. 120)

The annual MERMAID contest is for light-hearted entries from each IAC Region. They are screened at the Autumn Convention and AGM weekend where an audience vote decides the awards, In 2011 the event took place in Stirling under the banner of "The Scottish Reel".
1. Still from 'A Winters Scene'. A WINTER SCENE (filmed in Corton Woods)

An idyllic walk in the Corton woods in winter, snow-covered trees, occasional walkers and dogs set to music.

3.mins 25secs

Still from 'Gift Wrapped'.GIFT WRAPPED
by Alan Wallbank
An unwanted gift is given to a charity shop and then ... the original giver asks for it back ... and that is just the start of the trouble!
8 mins 25 secs

Still from 'My Other Hobby'.MY OTHER HOBBY
by  Chris Coulson
In addition to video making, Chris claims to be a collector of rare car tyres. The passion of the enthusiast is captured, whilst never losing sight of how faintly ridiculous he is.
Mock documentary
10 mins

Still from 'We are in the Money'.WE'RE IN THE MONEY
by Walter Clark
When is a lottery win not quite what you expected?
2 mins 30 secs

Still from 'When Im 64'.WHEN I'M 64
by Jill Lampert
A charming puppet animation to the popular song.
2 mins 10 secs

Still from 'The Antique Dealer'.THE ANTIQUE DEALER
by XDL
An unscrupulous aniques dealer meets his match is this complex and very funny drama.
This was the winner of the Mermaid Competition.
10 mins

Still from 'Wally Wool'.WALLY WOOL
a Harris/Cobert Film
In a charming animated style we hear the surreal story of a small town and its manufacture of "wally wool" - which you may have in your mattress!
5 mins

Still from 'Dance'.DANCE
by Philip Rimmer
Plasticine comes out to play ... pieces come to life to dance as series of square dance formations.
3 mins
Mini-Mermaid Disc
Still from 'Doctor's Warning'.DOCTOR'S WARNING!
by Harrow Cine & Video Society

The doctor warns against eating and drinking many common foodstuffs since they can play havoc with the body, but what is the worst?
  1 min

Still from 'Scotched'.SCOTCHED
by John Rushmere

Strange behaviour by a customer rarely surprises a barman, but this does.
  1 min

Still from 'That Stupid Garage Door'.THAT STUPID GARAGE DOOR
by Billy Ellwood

A system of opening and closing a garage door without getting out of the car would surely be a boon for all of us.
  1 min

Still from 'Lost for Words'.LOST FOR WORDS
by Bob Riches

The British are famous for their facility in foreign languages and always willing to help a tourist ... are have we got that backwards?
  1 min

Still from 'The Warning'.THE WARNING
by Peter A Bloor

Why are kids always brighter than you expect?
  1 min

Still from 'The Frog Princess'.THE FROG PRINCESS
a Radclyffe Production

It is all a matter of timing - even for legends and fairytales.
  1 min

Still from 'Lost for Words'.LOST FOR WORDS
by Keith Baker

A wife can be an expensive proposition, but it is all relative. .
  1 min

Still from 'The Stray'.THE STRAY
by XDL Films

Good intentions are not enough, someone in every relationship has to keep in mind the practicalities.
  1 min

Total running time 45 mins. DVD or MiniDV

Price 7.50

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