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UNICA 2007 SELECTION (2 DVDs)       (Library ref no. 102)

UNICA is the world festival for amateur/non-commercial films. Each nation chooses a programme of around an hour's length. An international jury awards medals for the best films and a prize for the best national programme. There is also the World Minute Movie Cup for one-minute films where the winner is chosen by audience vote. After each festival a compilation of some of the most interesting films is made available to all member nations. This is for free loan - you only pay postage.

UNICA moves to a different country each year. In 2007 the event was held at Liptovsky-Mikulas in Slovakia.
SÉRKOCINI (Safety Matches) - subtitled
by Didzis Eglitis & Kaspars Cirsis (LTV)

A camping trip to a local lake sounds idyllic, but for one young family things do not go as well as they might hope. A drama with hope.
Still from 'Safety Matches'.
Gold Medal

L'ÂME SEULE (The Lonely Soul) - no dialogue
by Sebastien Leroux, Claude Berthier & Maximilien Royo (FRA)

A poignant animation about a yellow clay man looking for love, and for a moment he finds it ...
Still from 'L ame Seule'.
Gold Medal
  5 mins

by Mark Jackson (GBR)

At the end of a date any girl likes to kick off her shoes, shrug out of the party clothes and unwind. But this is not just any girl ... A laugh-out-loud comedy.
Still from 'Stripped'.
Silver Medal
  3 mins

KID BETUN - subtitled
by Raúl Mancilla (ESP)

A documentary about a boy from the tough part of Cadiz, who briefly won fame and popularity as a boxer but is now a boot-black and sandwich man. The very human story is told by the old man himself with humour and a touch of pathos.
Still from 'Kid Betun'.
Silver Medal
  30 mins

WEISS (White) - no dialogue
by Florian Grolig (DEU)

The black-ink man wakes up in a world where everything is white: walls, floors, ceiling, doors, obstacles in the way. Only his shadow gives a clue about what surrounds him. A fascinating visual puzzle of an animaion.
Still from 'Weiss'.
Silver Medal
6 mins

PEU DE CHOSE (A Little Thing) - subtitled / black-and-white
by Emmanuel Guy (FRA)

A gripping drama where a dinner-party is ruined when the host objects to anti-semitic comments from a guest ... but the guest is his wife's boss. How far should one go on a point of principle?
Still from 'Peu de Chose'.
Silver Medal
  20 mins

YEK JORE AB (A Thimbleful of Water) - subtitled (few needed)
by Ahmad Arjmandi (IRA)

A badly handicapped street hawker tries to rescue a goldfish left behind by a careless young girl. His clumsiness makes things worse and the fish nearly dies for lack of a splash of water. But there is a happy ending.
Still from 'A Thimbleful of Water'.
Silver Medal
11 mins

NASZIDO (Mating Season) - subtitled
by Ágotha Juhász (HUN)

A totally mesmeric, beautiful film about frogs. A school group discovers them and admires them. And then it turns to horror as the food industry takes the only parts of frogs that interest them. An extremely powerful film.
Still from 'Mating Season'.
Silver Medal
12 mins

World Minute Movie Cup - top four- no dialogue
TROJUHOLNIK (The Triangle)
by Jan Kuska (SVK)

Winner: a comedy based on European laws about placing a warning triangle in the path of approaching traffic when you have broken down.
Still from 'The Triangle'.
1 mins

by Mike Shaw (GB)

Experimenting with the tv remote can have some strange impact on the user with possibly fatal results..
Still from 'Remote Control'.
1 mins

PAN JARYN (Mr. Jaryn)
by Jaroslav Nykl (CZE)

The jolly farmer wants to feed his chickens but does not take into account just how hungry they are,
Still from 'Pan Jaryn'.
1 mins

byJosef Trixl (AUT)

How does a beggar fare in today's almost cashless society?

Still from 'Up To Date'.
1 mins
MILA - subtitled
by Piotr Ryczko (POL)

9 year-old Mila, who is slowly fading away because of cancer, discovers a new world of fantasy which connects the two crucial moments in life: birth and death. A Moving but ultimately positive drama.
Still from 'Mila'. Gold Medal
  15 mins

WOOLF - no dialogue
by Juraj Kubinec (SVK)

It's a familiar scene: into the bar comes a stranger of a different type and eveything stops ... but here the incomer is a girl whose sexy dancing intrigues and distracts ... an animated comedy with a fairytale denouement.
Still from 'Woolf'.
Gold Medal
4 mins

FARSHE CHOOB (The Wooden Carpet) - no dialogue
by Abdolrahman Mirani (IRN)

A team of men move two very long tree-trunks across extremely difficult country, often at considerable risk to themselves. There are moments of humour and a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to this documentary.
Still from 'The Wooden Carpet'.
Silver Medal
20 mins

FREEDOM - subtitled (few needed).
by Eun Jong Choi (KOR)

Kuru is dreams of escaping his routine job, but freedom is not so straightforward as it seems. An experimental drama with a human heart.
Still from 'Freedom'.
Silver Medal
14 mins

BLATO (Marsh) no dialogue
by Václav Hrzina (CZE)

Bogged down in their humdrum life a husband, by chance, glimpses his wife through a window. It rekindles their relationship. A quiet, touching drama.
Still from 'Marsh'.
Silver Medal
11 mins

MOST (The Bridge) - subtitled
by Mag. Haris Bilajbeghovic (AUT)

Re-enactment documentary about a massacre during the Bosnia / Herzegovina war. Most of those involved in the film has experience of the event. Thoughtful and powerful.
Still from 'The Bridge'.
Silver Medal
12 mins

SZALONTUDO (Tripe and Onions) - no dialogue
by Márton Szirmai (HUN)

Confusion about whose plate of food it is causes a polite, restrained contest to see who can eat most of it.  A genteel, wordless comedy.
Still from 'Tripe and Onions'.
Silver Medal
7 mins

DER FLIEGENDE FISCHER (The Flying Fisherman) - subtitled
by Werner Czarnecki

A beautifully shot documentary about Kingfishers starting in winter and going through the pairing and breeding seasons.
Still from 'The Flying Fisherman'.
Silver Medal
15 mins

JARO (Spring) - no dialogue
by Jaroslav Nykl (CZE)

A rare chance to see one of the colourful and delightful animations by this Czech master. When Spring arrived a little bee has to get busy.
Still from 'Spring'.
Silver Medal
4 mins

Total running time 197mins. DVD

Price free - pay postage.  

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