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Do you use a wireless microphone in the UK
… legally?

It depends on the frequency your kit works at. This is usually indicated on the transmitter or receiver, but you might have to refer to the manufacturer if you cannot find it.

The rules have changed and after the end of 2012 (with a few special exceptions) you will have to change to different frequencies.

This animation from Jigsaw Audio explains the position.

The freqency changes apply to all sorts of associated wireless devices including in-ear monitoring, broadcast and theatre work.

UHF systems

Only channel 70 (863 -864.99MHz) will be available free of charge and need no licence. The problem is that you risk interference from other users nearby.

You can rent space on channel 38 (606.5 MHz to 613.5 MHz) through the licencing agency JFMG  - The Joint Frequency Management Group (www.jfmg.co.uk) to ensure interference-free working. Check their website for the options and prices.

VHF systems

You can use: 173.80 MHz, 174.10 MHz, 174.50 MHz, 174.80 MHz, and 175.00 MHz as they are license exempt and can be used free of charge. (174.80 can cause problems so be wary of it.)

Other Countries

Check with your own national bodies what rules they operate. For Europe start with The European Conference of Postal & Telecommunication Administrations .  

This information is presented in good faith and believed to be accurate, but make your own checks before spending money on new kit!