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First - congratulations to the makers of all the films in this year's IAC British International Amateur Film & Video Competition.

The award names have changed this year. Why?
We did it to clarify their meaning. A star rating is an accepted way to rank many things in life. Think of star ratings for hotels. We know when we look at hotel lists that many will achieve 4 stars and fewer will achieve 5 stars. However there is no limit to how many there can be in each category.
The IAC decided to change from Gold, Silver and Bronze because some people were equating them with 1st, 2nd and 3rd as in the Olympics, where there is normally only one winner at each level. Our awards are instead a standard and many people could receive the same level of award.
Our “International Awards” had also caused confusion. The name was supposed to mean that those films were of an international standard, i.e. among the best in the world. But some people believed that an International Award could only be awarded to a film from outside Britain. This was never the case.
To change those to the Diamond awards seemed appropriate as the name reflects the shape of our badge and is something precious to be treasured. The Diamond awards, like the International awards, will be given sparingly. Indeed if the judges think there is nothing which reaches that very high standard none may be given in some years.

I hope this helps to explain why we have changed the names.
So forget Blue, Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold and International … we now have One- Two- Three- Four- and Five- star and Diamond awards.
The new awards mean very roughly:


needs more thought and skill.


shows promise but requires greater discipline, care and attention.


well made, technically competent, keeps our interest and/or entertains.


exceptionally well-made, entertains, makes us care / learn / think.
***** the best, outstanding movies.
    ♦     world class.

What is important is to see how an independent team of judges rate your work – and whether you generally get higher awards as you develop your film making skills. We should never forget that the vast majority of video shot by non-professionals never gets titles, let alone editing, careful sound-tracking or the sort of tender, loving care which every single entry in our competition has enjoyed. A one-star rating is higher than most casual camcorder owners would ever achieve.

Linda Gough FACI
IAC Chairman

Follow these links to see the results: Diamond & Special    *****   ****   ***   **   About the judges  BIAFF Home

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Page updated on 20 January 2011
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