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  BIAFF 2011 awards 2       (Library ref no. 116)
N.B. Sent out as one hire with awards 1, 3 and 4.

This is Set 2 of 4 DVDs with the top award winners from the festival as screened at BIAFF 2011, in the Cairn Hotel, Harrogate. Click here for Festival Report.
Compilation by Val Ellis (Video Selector) Reviews by Michael Gough. These are all in the 16:9 format.
1. Still from 'Hounds and the Huntsman'. HOUNDS AND THE HUNTSMAN
Michael Slowe (London)

A beautifully looking documentary that may be thought to glamorise a controversial subject. However whatever your political view this is worth watching.

Five Stars,  Best Photography, Best Documentary, BIAFF 2011  (article on making it)


2. Still from 'The New Washing Machine'.DIE NEUE WASCHMASCHINE (The New Washing Machine)
Winfried Bellman (Germany)

Computerised animation at its very best. Two guinea pigs set out to explore outside their cage and find the open door of the washing machine too tempting to resist.

IAC Diamond, Best Animation, Best Comedy Awards at BIAFF 2011

(article on making it)


3. Still from 'The 23rd August at 0.17am'.THE 23RD AUGUST AT 0.17AM
Mark Auerbach (Germany)

A racist thug is charged with a firebomb attack on a family of asylum seekers. That is only the start of an emotionally charged drama with imaginative filming in de-saturated colour and courageously unrushed editing. This film contains violence and strong language.

Diamond, Best Editing, BIAFF 2011


4. PROPAST (Abyss)
Still from ' Propast - Abyss'.David Brezina & Pavel Kopp (Czech Republic)

A stylistic thriller with a real sense of tension. A young man is drawn by an old friend into a world of danger. With nudity and subtitles.

IAC Diamond & Most Creative Use of Sound Award, BIAFF 2011 (article on making it)


Still from 'Chocolate Moon'.Mike Donaghy & Alex Moran (Merseyside)

Quirky, short, sometimes very funny sketches, in the style of a TV comedy show.

Four Stars, Best British Young Film Makers, BIAFF 2011 (article on making it) (preview it online)


6. ICH? (I?)
Still from 'Ich? (I?)'.Saladin Dellers (Switzerland)

Some people found this angry man contemplating suicide rather disturbing. (with subtitles)

Four Stars, Best Entry in the 16-21 Age Category, BIAFF 2011
(article on making it)


Total running time 113 mins. DVD.

Hire fee £7.50

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