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Still from 'Against the Grain'. Still from 'Cunards Queen Elizabeth'. Still from 'Monument'. Still from 'Wow!'
Against the
Queen Elizabeth
Monument Wow!

Entry by: Entry by an individual. = individual Overseas entry. = overseas Junior entry. = junior Youth entry. = youth Club entry. = club
Video can be seen in Bijou Biaff button. = available to view on Bijou BIAFF 2011

Entry by an individual. 12:15 5 Documentary Robert Mason Birmingham
Entry by an individual. Against the Grain 5 Video Art Ian Bell Hemel Hempstead
Entry by an individual. Agency, The 1 Comedy Ken Mills Middlesex
Entry by an individual. All Lies Must Fit the Facts 13 Documentary James Chalmers Cheshire
Overseas entry. Amanita Muscaria 2 Animation Thomas Verijke Belgium
Overseas entry. Angels of Death 12 Story Alex Szatmáry Canada
Junior entry. Begin Spring 2 Romantic Comedy
Broughton High School Edinburgh
Overseas entry. Blaze Over Lakeside 5 SciFi Michal Sekula Slovakia
Entry by an individual. Bosphorus The Seagull 2 Humorous
Frits Cohen London
Youth entry. Butterflies 3 Romantic Comedy Broughton High School Edinburgh
Entry by an individual. California Roller 2 Entertainment Alan Hussey Farnham
Junior entry. Captive 16 Drama / Story Jamie Blunn & Harry Sullivan
(WHS Film Club)
Entry by an individual. Cariad 5 Music Video John & Jean Blight Clwyd, North Wales
Entry by an individual. Cregneash 8 Documentary Susan Jean Moore Denbighshire
Entry by an individual. Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 4 Documentary Tony & Eileen Colburn Torquay
Overseas entry. Dante the Forbidden Demon 16 Thriller Aswin Vervoort, Simon Guz,
Bombé Jankhrue, Eloy Noya
The Netherlands
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Days Like... 4 Travel/
John Sharp Kent
Entry by an individual. Do You Remember 9 Drama/Thriller Ken Wilson Wakefield
Entry by an club. Down Your Wey 12 Documentary Alton U3A Video Group Hampshire
Youth entry. Dream Sweeper, The 5 Drama / Fiction Myriam Raja Slough
Still from 'Dante the Forbidden Demon'. Still from 'Days Like ...'. Still from 'The Ghost Hunters'. Still from 'A Haunting Image'.

Dante the
Forbidden Demon

Days Like ... The Ghost Hunters A Haunting
Entry by an individual. Eco House 2 Musical comedy Graham Large Middlesex
Entry by an individual. Elvis Street Party, London 6 documentary Desmond Craig Essex
Entry by an individual. Fore ! 1 one-minute Bill Gover Northwich
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Ghost Hunters, The 33 Documentary Geoff Harmer Basingstoke
Entry by an individual. Haunting Image, A 43 Ghost story
Lee Hardman Bolton
Entry by an individual. Impossible Dream, The 3 Documentary Aivar Kaulins Middlesex
Junior entry. Invisible 7 Drama/story Andrew Thomas
(WHS Film Club)
Overseas entry. Invisible Boy 10 Thriller Dao Bui, Ariana Parrilla,
Sabrina Yepez, Karol Uzdalewicz
The Netherlands
Entry by an individual. It's Cold Outside 3 Video to music Alan Taylor Nottingham
Entry by an individual. Kleingartach 7 Documentary Eric Granshaw London
Entry by an individual. Longstaff 34 Action/fantasy C. N. Henson Nottingham
Entry by an individual. Lost Child 22 Drama Peter Holdroyd Norwich
Entry by an individual. Lunch Time Camden 5 Documentary - montage Ken Martin London
Entry by an individual. Mbame - A Special Relationship 26 Documentary Alan Hendry Glasgow
Overseas entry. Mendenhall Glacier 10 Documentary Noel Leeder Australia
Overseas entry. Monument 7 Documentary Vladimir Murtin The Netherlands
Overseas entry. Problem With Harry, The 14 Comedy Arthur, Col & Bruce Australia
Overseas entry. Reality Behind the Frame 4 Experimental Izem Saglik Turkey
Entry by an individual. Role, The 10 Thriller Duval Akonor & Abi Lawal Edgware
Still from 'The Role'. Still from 'The Problem with Harry'. Still from 'Monument'. Still from 'Wow'.
The Role The Problem
with Harry
Monument Wow!
Entry by an individual. Samlesbury Skirmish 3 Tourist event Avey Blackburn Lancs
Youth entry. Sbohem 5 Drama Amy-Jean Burnsz Hampshire
Entry by an individual. Stolen Kisses 2 Comedy Susie Walker Exeter
Junior entry. Stranger's Obsession, A 6 Story Asha Hoddoon & Paloma Styles Leicester
Entry by an individual. This Is Sailability 21 Documentary Anthony Pursey Lincolnshire
Entry by an individual. Three Summer Scenes 10 Poetic John Seal Cambridgeshire
Entry by an individual. Tip of the Iceberg, The 45 Documentary Toby Milburn Pinn Kent
Entry by an individual. Totally Tribal 4 Dance Avey Blackburn Lancs
Junior entry. Two Minutes to Midnight 2 Animation Tom Meehan Derby
Entry by an individual. When HMS Chatham Came to My Town 1 Documentary Toby Milburn Pinn Kent
Entry by an individual. Where Yarrow Meets Ettrick 6 Documentary Francis J Brown Hawick
Club entry. Word In Your Ear, A 16 Story Cleethorpes Camera Club Cleethorpes
Entry by an individual. Wow !! 10 Special birthday
Penny Love Potters Bar
Entry by an individual. Zoroaster Lives On 11 Documentary Frits Cohen London

Award       meaning very roughly ...

1-star image.

needs more thought and skill.

2-stars symbol.

shows promise but requires greater discipline, care and attention.

3-stars symbol.

well made, technically competent, keeps our interest and/or entertains.

4-stars symbol.

exceptionally well-made, entertains, makes us care / learn / think.

5-stars symbol.

the best, outstanding movies.
diamond symbol. world class.

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