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Mahnmal by Bernhard Zimmermann
Making Music by Tristam Thomas
Man-Virgin Flesh-Eating Monster-Vamp from Hell!, The by Philip Beasley
Marterer Family, The by Bernhard Hausberger
Meditations of a Lighthouse by John Roberts
Meet Me at St. Pancras! by John Astin
Melissa by Michael Slowe
Menschen im Wandel (Folks in Transition) by Guido Haesen
Merry Christmas by Daniele Mannelli
Messenger, The by Norman Lilley (Circle Eight)
Mindbreak by Florian Arndt
Mirror (Der Spiegel) by Martin Gubela
Missing by Eric Herreman, Patrick Malfit, Rik Degezellen,
Bernard de Jaerme & Eric Vanoverschelde
Montague Jack by Wimborne Minster Cin & Video Club
Montseny Nature Park by Marti Ara Oller
Moody Waters by Phyl Denton
More than Meets the Eye by Alan Atkinson
Mosel Gold by Ernst Auhuber
Mutter (Mother) by Oskar & Daniela Siebert
My Darling John by Valley Films
My Heart is Broken Un-seen by Paul Page
My Passion by Val Hitchman
My Point of View - A Diabetic Journey by Tim Jones
Mysterious Pegnitz Wetlands, The (Geheimnisvolle Pegnitzauen) by Georg Bock

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Narozeniny (The Birthday) by Vladimir Murtin, Jan Houtman and Emile de Gruijter, Netherlands
Naer Ziggaren fr Berlin (Wet Cigars for Berlin) by Stephan Flint Muller
(In the) National Interest by Phil Martin
Nebenan by Wolfgang Bauer
Network, The (Le Reseau) by Vatos Locos Video
New Washing Machine, The (Die Neue Waschmaschine) by Winfried Bellman
Nexus by Berry Van Der Vorst
Night of the Full Moon, The by Ken McRonald
Ninja Man by Mark Jackson
Nothing Girl by Pierre Daudelin
No Way Back by Robert Lorrimer

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Ocean Messengers by Rainer Schimpf
Oldiegarage by Bernhard & Karin Hausberger
On Silk by Michael Slowe
On the Edge of Another World by Suzy Sommer
On the Road to Passchendaele by Willy Van der Linden
Opus 6 No. 8 by Martin Ctvrtnicek
Oswiecim by Stephen Green
Over the Hill by Shaun Labrecque
Overtime by Geoff Harmer
Our Environment is Important by Stuart Taylor
Out of My Head by Paul Desmond

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Packin' It In by Emile De Gruijter & Hilbert Nijzink
Park For All Seasons, A by John Astin
Party, The by Alisan Beadie
Passage of Time, The by Clive Ody
Passing By by Olga ptov
Passion for the Wind by Thomas van der Gronde
Patient Fisherman, The by Jill Lampert
Pelicans of Guana by Michael Slowe
People and Places by Chris Bradley
Perfect by Christopher Mander
Photoshoot, The by Werner Haegeman, Dirk Geens, Werner Van den Bulck & Willy Huygens
Picasso of the Pier by Clive Atkins
Pinstripe by Angus Allan
Pint in Front of the Telly, A by Reg Lancaster
Plan B by Clive M. Atkins
Plitvice Magic by John Dean
Popping the Question by Kingsley Hoskins
Portrait of Henk van Kooten by Ton Van Kan
Present from the Past by Shaun Labrecque
Prodigy, The by Phil Martin
Propast (Abyss) by David Brezina and Pavel Kopp
Prophecy, The by XDL Films
Purity by Rochdale Moviemakers / Tommy O'Connor

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