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Addis, Geoff Elegia
Love Basildon Park
AF-Films(Adrian Copitzky, Felix Faisst and Frank Kayan) Speechless (Sprachlos)
Agius, Eleanor Living in a Box
Aitken, Dominic  & Sean Nelis Still Falling
Allan, Angus Pinstripe
Alten, Ineke van  & Jos Dubbeldam Living History
Anderson, Hamish Flicker
Anderson, Hamish & Annabelle Draper Stories of Green Knowe
Andrews, Emily & Jasmine I Hate Bananas
Anscomb, John Edgar's Egg
Appeltans, Urbain
Coffee Break
Appeltans, Urbain & Magda Verbist Hannah
Arndt, Florian Mindbreak
Astin, John A Park For All Seasons
Crossing Batty Moss
Meet Me at St. Pancras!
The Thames Tunnel
Atkins, Clive Enigma
Picasso of the Pier
Plan B
A Tall Story
Atkinson, Alan A Dog's Life (with Michael Ridgway)
Extinction Event
More than Meets the Eye
A Splash of Colour
Auhuber, Ernst Mosel Gold
Silence After The Day
Austwick, Julian Friends
Avanson, Wayne & Geoff Harrison Thy Fair Imperfect Shade

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Bagshaw, Paul Background Figure
Behind the Wire
The Secret
Bamford-Burnell, Kay A Day in Kenya's Bush
Braving the Elements
Barker, Alfie Assumption
Barton, Nigel (Southport Moviemakers) Rent-a-Mate
Bauer, Wolfgang Nebenan
Beadie, Alisan The Party
Beasley, Philip Man-Virgin Flesh-Eating
Monster-Vamp from Hell!, The
Bellman, Winfried New Washing Machine, The
(Die Neue Waschmaschine)
Beveridge-Brown Productions Deception
Blight, John Vicious Culture
Bock, Georg Geheimnisvolle Pegnitzauen (The Mysterious Pegnitz Wetlands)
Borderline Shorts Car Park
Last Drop
Bosmans, André Bulldozer, The
Bradley, Chris People and Places
Brezina, David The Holy Spirit
Brezina, David and Pavel Kopp Propast (Abyss)
Bridge, Philip Anatomy of a Song
Bristol Film and Video Society Cabot
Brown, Garry Fantabulous
Brunu, Marco Family Reunion
(Riunione di Famiglia)
Buchlyvie Primary School Hedgerow Tales
Bulck, Werner Van den Bargain, A
Death Game
Finding the Holy Grail
Srehcteks Nabru Eht Evil Gnol ! (Long Live The Urban Sketchers !)
Bulck, Werner Van den & Werner Haegeman, Dirk Geens,  Willy Huygens The Photoshoot
Bullock, Gordon The Lecture
Burchell, Terence & Cavallaro, Roger A Bad Day at the Office

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Calvert, Laurie The War of the Starfighters
Calvert, Laurie, Jonathan and Laurie (jnr) Thunderkids
Cardiff C.V.S Control Duel
Caudwell, Geof At A Snail's Pace
Rhythm in Steam
Turning the Turf
Cavallaro, Roger & Burchell, Terence A Bad Day at the Office
Chalmers, James LACI Epitaphs
Chamberlain, Margaret From Rails to Sails
Channel 7 Productions The Letter
Cherrington, Karen of The Partners
(check each film for the others involved)
Dirty Style Blues
The Exchange
Fallen Leaves
The Release
Circle Eight (Norman Lilley) Hugo and the Runaway Stories
The Messenger
Closs, Jim Bannockburn 2004
Colchester Film Makers Club Life in the Braxteds
Ransom Note
Colegrave, Alan Final Report
Cooper, Eric Jesus 2000
Copitzky, Adrian and Felix Faisst and Frank Kayan Speechless (Sprachlos)
Cordery, Ned Together an African Success
Crow, Jacob Superdog
Ctvrtnicek, Martin Opus 6 No. 8
Curry, Richard Kevin - A Life?

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Dashuber, Gregor & Annette Jung Der Verrückte das Herz und das Auge
Daudelin, Pierre Nothing Girl
David, Christopher 225
Dean, John Plitvice Magic
Degezellen, Rik & Eric Herreman, Patrick Malfit,
Bernard de Jaerme & Eric Vanoverschelde
Tel 702
Dellers, Saladin Ich? (Me?)
Denton, Phyl Moody Waters
Desmond, Paul Out of My Head
Donaghy, Mike & Alex Moran Chocolate Moon
Draper, Annabelle & Hamish Anderson Stories of Green Knowe
Dubbeldam, Jos & Ineke van Alten Living History
Dubois, Emmanuel 6885
Duncan, Robert and Alan Fenemore The Jumblies
Dunckley, Brian Wall of Tears
Dunford, Richard Anthony Groupie

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Eaves, James Workmholes
Edwards, Philippa Aishteru
Ellwood, Billy Fires Went Out, The

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