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Build a Club Website 6: More, More, More

What about the "Coming Soon ..." Programme page?

After the Home page, this is the second most important page on a club website. You must try to think like someone who knows nothing about the club, and little about the hobby.  Make sure this page tells them all they need to know. Here it is useful to create columns of text.
Here's how ...
Here we have created a new page and called in "Programme".
We dragged a Title element onto the page and typed in "What's happening next week."
We dragged an Image element onto the page and uploaded a photo.
Here is the clever part ...
The shot below shows what happened when we dragged a Text element onto the same line as the photo. You will see that the blue line showing where it will go has changed from horizontal to vertical. That means that when we drop the Text element it will be side-by-side with the picture:
Starting to place elements side by side on a page.
The result is
Picture and words side by side.
(We cheated at put both a Title and a Text element on the right.)
This has two columns but they are unbalanced.

Resizing an image in Weebly.Let us first shrink the photo.

An easy way to do this is click on it on the Weebly page. You will see a blue square appear at its bottom left corner.  Drag that left to shrink the photo.

And then we can change the columns:

How to change column widths in Weebly.

Click on the space between the photo and text ... and a blue line will appear. You can drag that left or right to change the column size.
When you have added another couple of items you are starting to get an interesting looking page:
Simple columns in Weebly.

You can put several items side by side to make pages that seem to have three or four columns if you wish.
There is more advice on what you should put on a Club Programme page coming up in articles which will appear in Film & Video Maker magazine and on this website. See "What should the content be?.

Now let's add some special elements ... Click here for part 7 - Forms, Emails, Maps and Videos

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Page updated on 19 February 2015
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