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Build a Club Website 2 - Sign Up with Weebly

Let's Go!

Open your second web browser window.  Type into the address bar at the top www.weebly.com  
(That means you keep this page ready in one tab, while Weebly opens in the other.)

Weebly - like most commercial websites - changes its look frequently, but our illustrations will give you a fair idea of what to expect.  The first thing you see will be something like this:

Screenshot of the Weebly sign-up page.

Check their "terms of service" if you wish. It is the usual legalistic gobbledygook. The essential elements are that you must be over 13 to sign up, must not put anything illegal on your website, must respect copyrights and that if you cancel or the company folds then all your work is gone forever. Don't worry about that part. I have a cunning plan ... more later.

Type in a Username,  password and a valid email address.

I strongly suggest you tell the username and password to one or two other club members ... so that if you go to Australia for six months or just need help with updates - someone else can look after the club website.

When you have typed in the username, an extra box appears. This is known as a CAPTCHA system and is to make sure that you are a human being not a computer program. Type the letters, numbers and punctuation and click "Sign Up".

If at first you don't succeed: try, try, try again ...


Try once more - a different set of letters will be shown. If that does not work, click the little picture of a loudspeaker and listen to a distorted voice reading out letters and numbers and type them in. (Watch out for "zero" which can sound very odd.) CAPTCHA systems are a nuisance but they help keep down spam.

Select the focus of site window. You may be faced with a choice to start ...

For our purposes we are interested in building a "Site".

Click that image.

Then you are faced with a choice of "themes" - which define how your website will look:

The weebly Choose Theme page.
At the top right are two sets of drop-down lists. All Colors offers themes based on their colour scheme.
All Styles offers to show you the themes grouped by type:
The Weebly theme types drop-down menu.Picking a theme in Weebly.
Try looking at the various themes, but do not worry too much about which to choose at this stage.

One great advantage of Weebly is that you can change the theme very easily later on ... without losing any work you have done on pages already.

For this example we chose a green-based theme. We will later change the pictures so that it looks more like a movie-making site than a gardening one!

Click Choose and a pop-up box appears:

Choose A Website Domain (Address)

Be careful. The second option costs money ... so for now choose Option A - as shown below.

Screen shot of Weebly domain name dialog box.

(Once the website is up and running, you may come back to this choice and pick a different option.)

The name you type here is what people will have to type into their web browsers to see the new club website.

The name is less important than it was a few years ago, because most people use Google to search for websites rather than typing in the full address. It is still sensible to pick a name which indicates what you do and where you meet.

If no one else has already chosen that name, the word "available" appears in green beside it. Keep it as short and write it in lower case letters, because some older web systems get fussy about capitals.

When all is well, click "Continue" and we are off!

Click here for part 3 - making your first web page.

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Page updated on 19 February 2015
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