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Build a Club Website 3: The First Page

Now it is time to make your first page. Breathe deeply and slowly.
The photo on the new page may be different when you start, depending what theme you chose - we will change it later anyway.

Screen capture of the Weebly start page.

On the right is the start of your page. On the left is a set of tools. The ones near the top are the ones you will use most often:

The Weebly basic tool buttons.

Before you even consider the tools do what it says on the page and "Click to add headline". When you click the house on that line you can change the words to whatever you like. How about "Make movies with us!"

You can also click in the lines below to write a little about the club. How about: "Come and meet us - no matter whether you are just starting or are an expert film maker."

The button is really just a fancy way to link to other pages ... so let us leave that for now and return to it later.

The tools on the left are labelled "BASIC" and their names tell you what they can add to your page.

In each case place the mouse cursor over one of them, click-hold-and-drag that element onto the empty page space. Let go the mouse button to drop it into place.

Drag the "Title" element onto the page and it will appear with faint grey text saying "Click here to edit." It works just like the "Click to add headline." did.

The "Text" element works in exactly the same way except that its letters will be smaller than the ones in the title.

Other tools need a bit more information - for example the "Image" needs to know where to find the image you want. We will explore these in the next couple of pages.

More, more, more ! - Click here for part 4 - More Pages.

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Page updated on 19 February 2015
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