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SEO in Weebly

In the three Website Makeover Guides: What is SEO? | Search Engine Factors | Check Your Search Ranking Peter Kidman explains that making your website easily found in search engines is essential. The process of doing that is known as ... Search Engine Optimisation.

Adding Meta Tags

In Search Engine Factors we talked about the Meta Tags on your web pages which search engines see but human visitors do not. To add them in Weebly ...

Go to the Settings tab and click on the line Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  ...

Screen shot of Weebly's SEO options and fields.

Footer Code / Header Code - ignore these for now.

Adding Alt Text

We mentioned this in the section on Pictures and in Search Engine Factors but to recap briefly ...

When you add an image to a web page there is the option of typing in a description of the image. Search engines do not understand images but they do understand text.

The Weebly advanced picture toolbar options.

When you click Advanced on the Weebly Picture Toolbar it allows you to set margins and type in Alt Text.

Try to type a short sentence (starting with a capital letter and ending with a full-stop), use single quotes if necessary but not double quotes.

If you can include one or more of your keywords for the page or the site - so much the better.

On other main pages

The Meta Tag Description and Keyword fields on your home page are taken as representing the whole website, but you can put Descriptions and Keywords on any page.

We suggest you do this only for the Main Pages - i.e. those reached directly from the Main Menu such as About Us, Contact Us, Programme. Change the description to suit each page but still try to include the keywords which define the site.

At the Pages Tab click the page, then click Advanced Settings:

The Weebly page settings advanced options.

And here also note the first field: Page Title is usually displayed just above the page in  the web browser as you look at any website. Try to make it meaningful.
Note this is not the same as the filename for each page.

Site Map

Some search engines may ask you to send them a site map. That is just a fancy list of your website's pages and how they link with one another. Weebly automatically keeps one for your website.  See ours at http://midlands-movies.weebly.com/sitemap.xml - substitute the name of your site in place of "midlands-movies" to see yours.Site Maps are not really needed unless your website extends to hundreds of pages.

Heading Codes <h1>, <h2> ...

In conventional html  web code they are called <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and so on. Unfortunately Weebly is not good at this.

The site title is a main header (<h1>) but every other Weebly Title element is at the same level: <h2>.

What you can do is try to work keywords into titles, but first priority, of course, is that they make sense to the visitor.

There are nine pages in this series of detailed Weebly tips:

Share your passions.

Audience silhouette.

Share your stories.

Page updated on 19 January 2011
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