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Video in Weebly

In the  third part of the article about Pictures>Video we discuss how to add video your club website. Here is how it is done in Weebly.

Every video club should have movies on its website.

A-V Groups should consider making low-resolution videos from their sequences to give a flavour of their work. (Individual AV stills might also be shown  on the site to indicate the normal high-resolution image quality.)

Where a video is placed on your page is controlled by the elements you drag onto the page first. We recommend that you usually use a column style display.

For more on creating columns in Weebly - see here.

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Adding Video

Presenting Video


Making a "Cinema" in Weebly

The simplest way to embed video on your site is to use Weebly's Media tools and the YouTube element.

First identify the video on YouTube, click YouTube's Share button and copy the URL (web address). Then in Weebly drag the YouTube element onto the page where you want it. Click on the element and in the toolbar paste the film's URL.

You can amend the displayed size of the video and its position within the element.

IAC members in the UK, who buy the annual copyright licences, benefit from an agreement between YouTube and the music industry which means a very wide choice of music can be used without upsetting copyright holders.

A more detailed description of this process is in Build a Club Website 7

A web-page "cinema" is a collection of carefully chosen stills from online videos. Each still is a link to a separate Film Page which contains the actual video.

This keeps the Cinema Page neat and attractive without the intrusive start arrows that video hosts add to images.

It also allows space on each film page for a larger image and proper credits including mention of any awards it has won.

Each Film Page is simply a new page created in Weebly's Pages tab with the "Show in navigation?" prompt answered "No".

On it drag a YouTube element or for other video hosts drag an Embed Code element. Beneath that drag a regular Paragraph with Title element and type in the film title, credits and so on.

Other Video Hosts

Two Cinema Page options

If you want to show video that is on another video hosting website, the trick is to use Weebly's Embed Code element.

On the video host website look for an option to share the movie and among the choices there should be one for embedding the movie. Some sites offer the chance to specify the size of picture and type of border. Copy the code they provide.

In Weebly:

  • drag the Embed Code element onto the page.
  • Click in it.
  • Click on the toolbar and paste in the code.

The professional (paid for) version of Weebly allows you to store videos on the Weebly site and present them in an unbranded player but only accepts meagre100Mb files. That means short videos and limited quality. We do not recommend it.

A Cinema Page shows small frame-grabs in a grid. Each image is a link connecting to a specific Film Page.

A typical 'Cinema Page' showing thumbnails of film grabs.

Weebly can do this in two ways:

  • creating a page with columns and dropping Image and Text elements to make a grid
  • using a photo gallery designed to display an "album" of thumbnail size images, each of which appears at full size when clicked.

Making a Cinema Page
- with a table

Making a Cinema Page
with a Photo Gallery

A column format should be a basic part of most club websites.

Into one row drag an Image element and upload a still from one of the videos to be shown. In the next row drag Text elements and type the film names.

The Weebly link icon.Click the link button and link the names to the corresponding Film Page on your site where that movie is stored.You can also click each Image and make it a link too.

You can see an example of such an arrangement here:

Weebly's Gallery is intended to display "thumbnails" - small versions of pictures - and when visitors click on a small image the full sized one pops up.

We can divert that to our purposes because each image can be made into a link taking visitors to the matching Film Page.

Thumbnail still from 'Days Away'.In Gallery there is an option to add a caption to the picture only or to "lighbox and thumbnails". Be sure to use that option and then click the "speech bubble" symbol above each picture to type in the film title. Then click the chain symbol to link to the page where the film is.

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There are nine pages in this series of detailed Weebly tips:

They support general articles on web design for film-making and AV club websites which begin here.

[Weebly frequently update and improve their system. These pages are based on tests in March 2015.]

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Page updated on 07 March 2015
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